Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blue Floral Dress

Hello everyone :)
Today I proudly present to you my new blue printed floral dress!
I love that this dress is so flattering on my waistline.
Lately I've been shopping like crazy and I refreshed my collection for this summer.
Also I'm planning to bleach my hair really soon cause I'm getting tired of my black roots.
It's quite annoying to try to maintain blue hair in the summer cause the sun litterally murders the color.
Anyway I always try so hard to maintain my blue hair but they seem to fade sooner and sooner..
I usually use directions midnight blue..
Do you know any other blue dye that last a little bit longer??
Hope you have an awesome weekend :)



  1. Pretty dress!

    My mom has turqouise in her hair, and she uses baby shampoo instead of regular shampoo!


  2. I like your shade of blue, it's pretty. maintaining hair in the heat is hard.
    I love your dress. :)

  3. Cute dress, and I love that hair!! ♥

  4. Ahhh your hair so nice!
    That dress is so cute too

  5. That print is gorgeous!


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