Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Harassment Special Edition

Hello everyone :)
Now that the summer is here most girls are excited to wear their new dresses, bikinis and short shorts.
It's quite natural to show some skin now that the weather is extremely hot and actually is natural to show some skin whenever you feel right about it regardless the weather.
I'm guessing that this statement is radical to some people even on the 21st century..
Everywhere I go I always hear people labeling girls as too provocative..
(I'm sure they tell the same thing for me)
Is it really provocative to wear a tight short dress?
Is it provocative to go out with your high heels out?
Well shirtless men all over the world agree that is quite provocative to see a girl on a tight dress..
But if men can flash me all day with their nipples out why I can't show off my legs?
Why it's so hard to accept a woman's body?
I got curves and I'm feminine but this doesn't mean that society has the right to sexualise my body..
In an ideal world every woman would be able to go out completely naked without hearing any criticism.
No my outfit is not provocative, your mind is cause it triggers me to punch you when you say that I'm a slut because I wear a tiny dress..
Whoa guess what.. I can wear whatever I want, day and night, cause I'm a free woman and I have the right to express myself in any form.



  1. People should just let everyone. We should be free to wear what we like.

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  2. I totally agree with you. A woman should be able to wear a pair of shorts without someone ogling her!

  3. Not only this, but there was a table full of guys who were blatantly staring at my legs as I walked into a coffee shop this morning. Give a casual glance and I don't care, essentially leaning out of your chair to get a good long look? That's violating.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Nothing is said to a man when he goes shirtless, yet showing my midriff in a crop-top is deemed inappropriate/slutty. It's a sad and unfair reality for women. Wish more people looked at the situation like you have.

  5. I heard a story on the radio about a man who decided to dress as a woman in Egypt in order to see what sexual harassment what like there. He wore two different hijabs, one with his face showing and one with his face covered. He actually found that covering his whole body, including his face, got him MORE street harassment. It just goes to show that no matter what women wear -covered or uncovered- we will always be called "provocative" or "slutty." You are right on point saying that the "provocativeness" is NOT in our clothing or outfits, it's in the eye of the beholder. And the beholder needs to take a step back and look in the mirror, not at us.

  6. I agree! I hate that I feel judged if I choose to wear shorts or a short dress. I'm glad you addressed it in your post.

  7. I could not agree more! I am a big fan of the short skirt and big shoes, and that's just fine because its my right to dress however I like. Its the men who cant control themselves that should be the ones being shamed. Not us.

  8. I completely agree. As a professional activist, I have been "that woman" with a sign wrapped around my body in place of clothing-- this too usually garners a plethora of (if I care, what would be) offensive labels. I get a lot of "what are you changing by putting your body out there?". The answer is, drawing attention to the issue! If one out of every ten people finds my "provocative" and radical approach worth Googling, then I am doing my job. At the same time, I can put on a suit and meet with Congressmen again and again. There are SO many ways to make progress on this issue and others. Some people try to dabble in every way, others specialize in one. Either way, it is awesome, inspiring, and rewarding to see allies such as yourself speaking on behalf of all progressive women, as well as those who are oppressed, but have someone inside of them with the potential to emerge with full freedoms. Thanks from all of us :)


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