Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Smell Of Summer

Hello everyone :)
This is the last week that I'm working!
This means that my internship as a journalist is finally over..
It was a long journey and I've learned much more than I expected 
but now the summer is here and I'm ready to forget all about work and relax!
I went to kinetta this weekend and I got a small taste of the summer :)
I miss so much the sea and the sand, I love making castles.
Sometimes I feel like the winter stayed too long...

I'm so ready to wear all my summer clothes, to buy a new bikini and to get a tan.
So do you have plans for this summer?
What is your favorite season?



  1. i enjoy summer and fall the best!!! :D
    gorgeous water photos.. gosh, i need to get to a beach this summer! :D

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  2. Summer is my favourite season by far! Cannot wait to my holiday in 3 weeks!

    Kayspray xx

  3. Hello dear!

    thanks for the visit to making a difference!!
    Your blog is beautiful and I also loved your blog seen.

    kisses and more.

  4. Yay for completing your internship! Enjoy the warmer weather and sun and the beach (I'm so jealous)

  5. Ahhhh nice photos! :) Happy for your achievements :)
    Happy weekend dear!

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  7. Thanks! That second pic is amazing, makes me even more longing for summer :) I hope you'll drop by again x


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