Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunny Day In Athens In My Handmade Dress

Hello everyone :)
These days the weather gets better and better (actually only if you like hot, sunny summer time)
So I went for a walk in Athens and I took with me my big pink hat to protect my hair!
It's really difficult to maintain my color this time of the year.
The sun always makes it fade like crazy and I haven't dared yet to put it on sea water but I can imagine the result..
But besides the tempting part of keeping the color vibrant I love dressing up in blue..

This is a dress that I made and it's probably the most awesome dress I've ever created..
I feel like it's flirty and fun and actually I could die for a two piece dress.
So how do you feel about summer?



  1. Loving the outfit girl, you look wicked!


  2. I envy you, I always wanted to travel to Athens! And this dress is really beautiful, I love this kind of shape.

  3. Woow such a supercute outfit! So 50s pin up style! :)

  4. Your outfit is awesome! It suits you very well. I can't believe you made it!! :D

  5. Love your dress! Can't believe you made it, so lovely! :)

  6. Such a cute outfit! What hairdye brand do you use? I´m using Headshot hairdye´s "turquoise terror" at the moment, a british brand, and it lasts forever. Maybe thats an option for you?

    1. I'm using la riche directions lagoon blue because it's really easy to find it on ebay on a good price.
      I've never heard of this it conditioning color?

    2. It is. Works just like directions but the colour is much more saturated so you have to heavily dilute it to get a paler blue and to not stain everything. When I used it for the first time I applied it directly from the bottle and my hands were blue for weeks just by touching the hair.


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