Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Day At Hellenic Broadcasting Channel

Hello everyone :)
As you may know this winter I had my internship at the Hellenic Broadcasting Channel, 
for six months I was editing videos, organising the news and interviewing people.
Now this experience is over since today was my last day at work.
I've learned that journalism is a jungle and only the most dedicated can succeed, 
you have to be sure about yourself and your work, cause if you question your actions none can trust you.
I was always confident of whatever I did and that's how I earned the respect of the journalists.
The most annoying obstacle was mixing the professionalism with my appearance,.
My blue hair was the key element of their judgment,it's easy to assume that the girl with the blue hair won't be able to get the work done.
But when the lights went on I proved that the color of the hair can't determine the professionalism.
Now I know that as a woman with blue hair I have to work harder to prove myself.
The key is never to give up :)
Through this journey I've earned new friends and I've learned not only how to be a journalist but how to survive in a male dominated workplace.



  1. How exciting to have worked at a TV channel! I can imagine journalism is a tough business sector. But if you really want it you can do it - even with blue hair! :)

  2. I think it's amazing that you learned so much and were really able to prove yourself.

  3. that looks like an awesome place to work

  4. thats cool! Sounds like you learnt a lot :)

  5. Great to hear you were such a success! Hair colour shouldn't determine what people think of you! <3 xo

  6. Aww I love you girls, amazing blog!!! Got a new follower and thanx for commenting on my blog!!! :D

  7. Thanks! ♡
    Nice pics, good luck!

  8. This industry is quite tough, that is true. I think your hair is lovely, so I hope it doesn't hinder your career that much. It's also true that when you're different, in journalism, it might make things harder for you but if you prove yourself and, like you said, are determined, you can go anywhere you want to.

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

  9. that's Greece!
    I wish you the best and never give up or betray yourself!
    Anyway, I'm happy I found your blog today :)

  10. When you want something you've to fight. Wish you all the best in this industry! I'm now following your blog xx

  11. I feel for you dear! Though with me at my work, it's always been a dilemma with my fashion sense. Hence I do my new segment - Project Dress Code too. They don't know, skill is not synonymous to appearance! I know you can do well elsewhere :)

    Been busy lately with my work lah~ Sorry I just visited again now.
    Missed reading your posts dear! (^_^)

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