Monday, April 8, 2013

Recipe: Pork with red sauce and bell peppers

Today I made this awesome pork dish that's inspired from Pizza. It's actually schnitzel covered with tomato sauce and baked in the oven. It really turned out pretty much Perfect! So, since the original recipe is in Greek I decided to translate for you guys 'cause I feel like more people should know about it.

800 grams of thin slices of veal or other light meat
salt & pepper
garlic powder
sliced bell peppers
1/2 cup tomato juice 
1/2 cup concasse


1) Wash and dry the pork. Sprinkle the meat with salt pepper and garlic powder. Spread mustard on the pork (both sides)
2) Cover both sides of the pork in flour and place them in an oiled pan

3) In a bowl mix well the tomato juice,concasse, a bit of salt, pepper,oregano and some olive oil
4)Spread the sauce on the meat and add the sliced bell pepper

5) Bake at a preheat over at 180 degrees for about 25 min
Anddd you are done!
Easy right?? This recipe is a great way to make something delicious and different when you are in a hurry

TIP: You can add lots of mozzarella cheese on top of the meat once you have taken it out of the oven, it will add deliciousness!!



  1. Pork dish inspired from pizza? Now that's something I haven't heard of until now! Wish I had your culinary prowess :))


  2. Wow that looks delicious, thanks for sharing this recipe.


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