Monday, April 29, 2013

Ice Skating For Beginners

Hello everyone :)
Today it was a lovely sunny day so we decided to go for ice skating (obviously spring it's the best season for ice skating..)

We are not so good at this sport, especially me(actually I'm not good at any sport)
so we were really lucky that none else was there and we avoided the humiliation..
Efi took those photos because she is the only one who we trust to hold the camera on ice!
It's quite socking that every time I forget how cold this place is 
and although I had in mind to put something warm I totally ignored myself..
I also tent to forget all the basic staff about ice skating..
  • wear comfortable and warm clothes(don't forget the socks)
  • bring gloves
  • start slowly and try to maintain your balance by bending your knees.
  • don't look down because you're gonna lose your balance

These are the basic rules I've learned and I should remember next time..
Have you ever been ice skating?
Do you think it's easy?



  1. Those are great rules! I haven't gone ice skating in years, but I always want to go again. Great pictures!

  2. You both look cute. Nice outfits.
    It doesn't get cold enough here in Melbourne to go ice skating outside, so a few years ago they built an ice skating rink here. I went last year for the first time and it was hard. I held onto the wall for dear life! But I got the hang of it after a while. I think rollerblading when I was younger helped hehe. I found ice-skating was a bit of a work out too haha.

  3. I <3 ice skating, but it's never cold enough for it to snow, so Ice arenas are where I'd go for a skate. You guys have a cute blog. Thanks for visiting me! I'm following your blog now too! Much love. xx

  4. man, ice skating is hard. i even took lessons as a kid, and still could barely stand up straight last time i tried. kudos to you!
    p.s. you two have amazing hair. :)

  5. You are both soooooo lovely.
    My daughter Is looking for a tint to dye her colour. Where do you get yours.

  6. I have never tried this but i want to give a try to ice skating.

  7. oh my gosh, I am so jealous of your hair!(:


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