Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ella The Supercat

Hello everyone :)
Today I wanna share with you a problem Daphne and I have with our cat Ella..
When Ella was a small kitten she fell down the balcony (4th floor) and just few days ago she fell down the roof(5th floor)
When she was little she had broken her leg but now she is fine, I guess she has found a safer way to land..
But it's really weird and raises many questions how and why she keeps falling??
Is she trying to catch a bird?
Does she have any luck of balance or orientation?
Maybe she just thinks she's some kind of supercat or something..
We are extremely scared that if she had the chance she would jump from an even higher floor!
This cat wants to break the previous's obvious!
So for now she is not allowed to go out, especially without supervision.
 Ella is surunded by people that love her and she doesn't seem worried about leaving the house..she just likes to jump from roofs that's all!
Is there any solution for this problem?
Is there any way we can teach her not to jump from balconies?



  1. aaaawww to gatiiini thelei na ginei aleksiptotisths!

  2. Noup dear, there isn't... The only thing you can/ must do is to put those nets for cats over your windows/ balconies. you have it on net. Some aren't so bad looking but they guarantee you her life. My friend's cat fell off the 4th floor also recently, but the news were bad... So if you has any questions, as I preveiously (neutering thing)said- mail me :)
    Kiss 4 all of ya!!!


  3. Perhaps you can fit her with a tiny cat parachute? :) Seriously though, I hope she becomes less of a daredevil soon- it sounds very frightening for you all! x

  4. I don't know how to get her to stop, but she certainly is beautiful!

  5. She must know she has nine lives! Poor kitty. I wouldn't let her on the balcony anymore.

  6. Oh dear. Hope kitty's ok :/
    I wondered if anyone might be interested in this..GIVE A LITTLE LOVE

  7. aaaw you're kitty is so cute! hope she won't hurt herself!


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