Monday, March 11, 2013

Misogyny on International Women's Day

Hello everyone.
Lately I've been noticing more and more people who have weird thoughts about how society should be..
As you may know I'm currently doing an internship as a journalist and I have met lots of people, sadly most of them are either clearly misogynists either they secretly hate women without daring to say how they feel.
All started on the international women's day.
I had to ask some women to tell me their thoughts about equality, during the interviews the cameraman was extremely rude with everyone and at one moment he said that "women are inhibited thus they deserve to get beat" 
I was so socked with this behaviour that my hands began to shake. I wished I could threw the microphone on his head (I didn't)

I grew up learning that men and women are equal but now I have to face sexist comments everyday which are reaching the limits of sexual harassment.
I'm not over dramatic here. The patriarchy taught us that women are not equal, that even when they work with dignity they have to deal the notion that they are not good enough .
This working environment is toxic for me and I'm not sure I can handle it any longer..
I'm a person, I'm not an object and I deserve to get the same respect as a man does..



  1. I would have punched that guy in the face! It's unbelievable to me that people can say such awful things and condone violence like it's no big deal. Wow!


  2. Great post! totally agree, why should women be treated differently?

  3. o kamikazi ? dayyymn einai kala ????!!!!

    1. oxi oxi ena allo sunergeio. fusika k dn einai kala..

  4. Wow. It still astounds me that people still behave that way. I often have guest speakers for my classes. I am in nutritional sciences and the majority of students there are female. One guest speaker was a male and he was very encouraging about not letting men's lack of respect bring you down in a career. You'll always face a man who thinks of you to be lesser, because you're a woman, so it is important to keep fighting on for what we want in life, especially our careers. We can be anything we want. Another guest speaker was very pleased to see how many women were attending university and that we are truly taking over. The fools who say things like that are probably afraid that women are truly powerful and equally skilled.

  5. That is actually such blatantly disgusting behaviour that that man should be fired, no questions asked. If he acted the same way towards black employees, or jewish employees for those character traits he'd be out in a flash, but just because misogyny is an "acceptable" stance to have people like this remain. Horrible conduct and extremely unprofessional, should definitely report him to someone senior.

  6. It took years before I realized just how bad sexism is in the world. I grew up with a feminist father and brother. I also hung around with a lot of very liberal groups in college. It wasn't until I joined the military when I learned just how terrible so many people are! It's upsetting. As long as we keep paying attention and demanding respect we can eventually turn it around. It takes time, don't give up! Say something to your supervisors if things get too difficult at work. It's your right to be upset.


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