Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kitten News+ Video

Hello everyone!
Today is a post about Ella the kitten.
This photos were taken a few days before we neutralised her :(

Poor kitten, she was hurting so much after the surgery , it really broke my heart. 
But today 5 days after she is almost as her old self.
Biting everyone and running around, I missed this cat.

 Well ok, i'm not going to lie, I kinda liked her just sleeping all day and enjoying hugs and love..
She is really small though! I cannot believe this cat is 6 moths old and she already had her first heat. Making our lives hell. She just sat still making weird noises and she wouldn't react to anything you did to her. Which was kinda funny as well!

But all is over now, and she will forever remain a cute kitten!
And here's the video of her being trapped at the shopping bag!

On another note, I was searching online for the best food you could feed your cat. I found out that many people believe that a raw diet is best for cats of all ages! I have never considered this before so I've got to ask:
Is you pet on a raw diet? Would you consider it?
Any tips on this subject would be greatly appreciated!



  1. You kitty is so cute. We put my dog on the raw diet for a few weeks to see if he'd like it. He did at first but we found he would throw up a bit afterwards and his washroom breaks were a bit more messy. (haha sorry too much information?) Then we saw that he was allergic to some things so we stopped and just changed to a different dry food. Anyways it's always worth a try, every cat/dog/pet is different.

    1. Thank you for your response :)
      Yeah, I will propably give it a try.. Have you tried giving him cooked food instead? (like boiled chicken)

  2. YOUR cat is sooooooooooooooo cute :D xxxx

  3. Poor bugger! My roommate just got her cat spayed and we had to put a cone on her to prevent her ripping out her stitches. She did NOT like that. Let's just say she went on a strike of the litterbox kind.......

    lauren||in between idols

  4. We adopted a 10 year old cat a few weeks ago. We were told that he had food intolerances and his previous owner fed him Purina Cat Chow (dry) because it was all he could keep down. The poor kitty was skin and bones.He is so loving and snugly with such a good disposition for a cat that has such food problems. Anyway, knowing the poor kitty needed some meat on his bones, we slowly tried every wet cat food we could find. Foods from $.55 cents a can to $3.19 holistic, all-natural, wheat free, grain free, w/greens, w/o greens, fattening foods like friskies, you name it, types & brands. Every little bite he ate, came back up about a half hour later. A friend told me about a high-end hollistic pet store that carries specialty foods in the next town over. To make a long story short (longer), i went there, explained to the owner my kitties food issues and instead of leading me to the aisles of cat "health foods" she said, "feed him raw chicken." I was like "wait...what?" She said "my cats have been eating a raw diet for 20 years and have never been sick". She also said he will get all the vitamins/minerals that he won't get from chicken, from the dry food cat chow (which is fortified)". That day we fed him raw boneless chicken cut up into very small pieces. He chowed it down and followed me around till i fed him more. He was in his glory and even better he hasn't vomitted since! He's even getting a softer face (as opposed to the harsh bonny one it was!)


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