Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Homophobic Are You?

Hello everyone :)
Today I went out to see the movie "I'm so excited" but I don't feel like talking about the film.
I'm actually really puzzled with one thing that happened during the screening.
During the movie the viewers watched many scenes of sexual intercourse between men and women but when   the film showed a kiss between two men the audience screamed with terror.
At first I thought "wtf happened,did I missed something??" and then I realised that the public was discontent because of this kiss.
My brain wants to explode when I think of  how much homophobic our society is..
I mean it's 2013..people should get over with this phobia already!
How it's even possible to be shocked with one kiss when the scene before that was two people humping each other(of course a man and a woman)
And I won't even start with the fact that the movie degraded gay people and used all these cliche ideas about homosexuality.
I feel disgusted when writers don't have original ideas that are funny and clever and they try to reuse the classic pattern of degrading certain groups of people.
So do you feel that society accepts that we can't be all the same?



  1. I've always been very open and interested with homosexual life even though I'm a straight woman. I'm the girl that would be fanning herself if she saw two guys kissing on screen not screaming in horror but that's me. Even though I except it I know that most people in society don't even the people I love. The fact that someone closest to you can be so homophobic and not realize it is upsetting...especially when they themselves say "I'm not being homophobic...." right before they make a homophobic remark. Sadly I think there will always be some parts of society that will hate a group of people because they are different from themselves, whether it's the colour of their skin, the language they speak or the people they sleep with. It's great of you to write this post and I'm glad you did so now I can stay away from that awful movie you saw :-)

  2. Oh gosh, it amazes me that there are still people out there that are homophobic. It is actually baffling to me. *sigh*

  3. I hate that word, homophobic. They're not scared of gay people, they're just close-minded, backwards-thinking people.

  4. I hate stereotypes. They do it with everyone too. Asians, Black, gay, bi, male, female, punks, jocks (which I ALWAYS find it odd in movies when the punk is the bully, even though in real life, that's not often the case).

    I REALLY dislike the fact that people expect people to fulfill these sterotypes though.

    I'm black, and I HATE hip-hop/rap! I love punk and ska. But When I say i don't listen to hip-hop/rap, people tell me I need to "get back into my culture" which sounds more like "get back into line"...

    Movies are still so skewed on EVERYTHING. Rarely do we get a glimpse of something other. (Though, I LOVE the television Show "The New Normal" about a gay couple looking to become fathers! It's FANTASTIC! and the charecters are "real"--see not some stereotype!)


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