Saturday, March 23, 2013

Draw Eyebrows Tutorial

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm gonna show you how I do my eyebrows..
If you haven't noticed I almost have no eyebrows and I don't even pluck them..
When I was younger it was extremely difficult to figure out what to do with my eyebrows, it took many years to realise that I shouldn't pluck them at all because the outcome was quite scary

Here you can see my eyebrows with no makeup.
First of all I take a dark brown pencil and I draw a line on the top edge of my brow.
(you can make it as curvy or pointy as you want)
then I draw another line on the bottom following the shape of my brow
and then I take my brush and I try to merge them, try to make them look as natural as possible.
Here is the final result.. 
Hope you all have a nice weekend :)



  1. Wow, okay this is a really good technique. Really simple and not overpowering! I usually use powder, but sometimes I make my brows insanely dark and I have to start over. I'll have to try it this way. It looks natural!

  2. That's cool I really like it :)
    Come and see me mod maybe we can follow if ou like my blog ?:)

  3. That's so simple, but so effective! I wish I could be bothered to fill my brows in everyday, they really do make a massive difference xx

  4. Aaaand I've just realized how much help my brows need. I love your red polka dot sweater/shirt/whatever it is!


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