Saturday, February 23, 2013

The James Dean Crush

Hello everyone :)
I saw yesterday an old movie with Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean..
The Giant!
Omg this movie was amazing... I'm still speechless..
It was a 3 hour movie but I wasn't tired at all..
Elizabeth Taylor was an amazing actress and when the movie started I almost forgot that James Dean also costarred in the film.. So the first half hour passed by without realizing that the best thing in my life was about to come.
The first scenes with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson were ok but when the camera showed the face of James Dean my heart stopped!
 He was so perfect!
His attitude, his face, his ass..
Was this butt for real?
I kept asking myself  but I got no answer..
This tough cowboy with his hat and his boots stole my heart.
Now I know why people get crazy for him.
So I haven't seen any movie with James Dean ever.. like ever..
I know this is unimaginable. So now I have downloaded every movie of him and I'm ready to get the Dean fever..



  1. oof, watch 'rebel without a cause' it's great x

  2. I was in love with him in middle school!!!

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