Monday, February 18, 2013

Hair Update

Hello everyone!
I know I haven't written anything in a while but I've been (and still am) super busy with exams. Which last for more than a month. We actually had our one month anniversary last week :D (me and the exams that is)
anyway, with 2 subjects left to go I'm feeling pretty excited!
But enough with that let's talk about hair!
A few days ago me and Gracie FINALLY decided to touch up our roots.But the bleaching didn't go so well. We are using 40vol developer with blue bleach. I know 40vol is really high and I wouldn't recommend using it when dying your hair yourself because it develops really fast! But the things is we bleached roots so many times and it approximately take us 5-7 min to cover a whole head of roots. anyway anyway
the point is the bleach must have been bad or something because it didn't bleach all the way on both of us!
So we were left with bright yellow roots :(
Which we will hopefully re bleach next month when bleaching the new growth... argh

Anyway, lately I've been adding purple to my pink hair creating this nice lilac effect:
I know the quality is crappy but I cant find my camera so... sorry! 
as you can see the have this stupid effect where some areas of my hair are salmon and other lilac. And I just hate that, It doesn't show that well in the photos and when I find my camera I'll take better ones. But the reason I'm adding purple is to get rid of this salmon colors but the sides of my hair just wont take it!
Here I think you can see the salmon tones better. Note how different my bangs are in comparison with the hair on my sides. This happens because I used to have red hair, and I didn't completely bleach the red out. So no matter how much purple dye I'll add I just can't tone it.
So I ve been thinking of bleaching the salmon out, but I'm too afraid to ruin my hair. Of course if I use bleach I'll use really low developers, but maybe I'll use a lightened or something I'm not quiet sure, I'll have to research it first :S
And that was one with my hair curly .

So yeah. I really need your help guys, what is the best way to get rid of this stupid salmon tones that just won't leave my hair without damaging my hair too much??
Any help will be really appreciated :D



  1. Hair fades unevenly due to how we wash our hair. >_< Hair dye tends to fade the most/quickest at the crown of the head. Do you prep your hair when you dye it? You just wash it with shampoo that isn't too silicony/hydrating and you don't condition it or add any oily products to your hair. I bleach my hair with volume 40 too. My hair is black, so I have to bleach the roots twice sometimes.

  2. ha eides ths apo panw tis aresei cured ^^ btw twra kataava oti t palgia odos einai pio portokao fasialal de tha ta eega kai solomi =efi=

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  4. wooow your hair is really unique and beautiful i love the contrast of your dark eyes and eyebrows with that gorgeous color!

  5. try to paint only the areas that are in diferent color.. but i looks good!

  6. Great post!Would you like to follow each other?

  7. Meanwhile, the pink tones are so Rainbow Bright vintage : ). I've always had good luck with Brass Banisher, available at your local Sally's. If you apply it just to the roots, I think it will take the yellow tinge away. Or you could strip the hair with Oops! Color Remover ( I warn you, this stuff is ROUGH and you will want to give your hair lots of love/moisturizer after.)


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