Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hair Growth

The question remains..
How often I should bleach my hair??
I'm not quite sure cause my hair is not really damaged by bleaching.
In the past I was bleaching it once per month but now I've left my roots grow for 2,5 months..
I feel like it's not that awful to have roots although people ask me if I'm growing my hair.
Others tell me that I'm gonna totally destroy my hair if I keep bleaching it!
That's beyond rude.. cause my hair is not even damaged..
So besides bleaching I've also stopped coloring my hair..
I don't know why but this shade of blue makes more sense to me.
But this week I'm going to say goodbye to my roots.
So does hair grow faster if you don't bleach it every month??



  1. I love your hair so much! The colour is super pretty xxx

  2. I agree on the color. It's a lovely pastel blue!
    Ps. Your makeup looks so nice too!

  3. oraio ein t xroma !! etsi einai twra?

    1. nai efh etsi einai to xrwma.. alla de tha nai gia pl etsi, ela thn tetarth pu tha perasume riza k esu gia parea :)

  4. That's such a pretty shade of blue! I've always wondered what I would look like with blue hair... my hair is so dark it would probably take a lot of bleaching to get it right, and I really don't have the time. I think I should buy a blue wig! :)


  5. You are right about going natural for your hair, it's good for you.

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  7. Your hair is gorgeous

    A little bit Unique


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  8. Your hair looks incredibly healthy and shinny too!

  9. I love your hair, it's awesome! Tell everyone who says you shouldn't bleach it to shut the hell up! I bleach mine all the time too and it's totally fine. When someone makes a 'are you growing your hair' remark, I always say 'no, actually, it just does that by itself' with a really deadpan face. Works every time, lol.

    New follower <3

  10. Amazing blog :) I follow You now and I hope that you like my blog too! Have a great day ❤

    xx San☽

    PS: Your hair is absolutely amazing!!

  11. I understand that you think it's rude that people tell you to stop bleaching your hair since it kills it but even though you don't have damage now, it will eventually occur. I don't mean to say this to put you down but be careful with bleach!

    I love the pastel blue on you by the way :)
    It's so hard to rock pastel but you do it like you were born to have blue hair!


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