Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Obsession

Wow another month is coming and it happens to be the month of celebrating love.. Oh yes I mean Valentines day! I'm gonna be honest.. I love this day. I'm not sure if I just want to show my feelings with every chance or if I'm so brainwashed to wait for it like it's my birthday.
Now there is the question, do you always had a bf on Valentines Day? No I didn't but that didn't stop me from celebrating with my new red dress and my hair up high. I'm such a sucker for romance I can watch over and over movies like "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" or "The Notebook" and cry till the end of time. I always thought that the Romeo and Juliet was not just a story but a real life scenario that can happen. This concept of the never ending love really touched me since I was a kid and now I feel the need to pour out my emotions this time of the year.
I want to get dressed and to feel that this day I'm living in a world without flaws and everyone loves me and I love them with all my heart! Of course the hugest part in this day is the DATE! Oh the perfect date is not the one who offers flowers and chocolates but the one that he will look you deep in the eyes and he will say to you "You are the one I want to be with tonight, every night, I love you" This is a line to die for.. So I guess it's an important day for me... Do you feel the same way?



  1. This gets me excited for Valentines day!! Gotta find that perfect red dress! I hope the day goes perfect with my lover, I hope he says sweet things as well~
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love dressing up and looking cute for Valentines Day even if I don't have a special someone to celebrate it with! Definitely going to have myself a good time with soppy romance movies and ice cream anyway~ <3

  3. I got engaged on Valentines Day, so it's always going to be special to me! I'll be sure to make my hubby watch a romance movie with me via skype, since we won't be together this year.

  4. I think it's a great excuse to remember to show someone you care :)

  5. I like the concept of Valentines Day. ^^ But I think that everyday should be a Valentines Day, ish. ~
    But, being single like me, I've never really celebrated Valentines Day, you feel pretty lonely. ;u;

  6. Wish you an amazing Valentine's day!!! This time of year is always so inspiring!


    Julia from


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