Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Feminist-Zooey Hate!

Oh no, this is not an ordinary day..
Few days ago I read an article about Zooey in which she simpy stated that she is a feminist. 
At first I thought wow that's great!! 
cause you don't hear famous people telling everyday how much they support feminism but then I started reading more and more blogs moaning and yammering and saying that Zooey is clearly not a feminist..
and then all of the sudden I started thinking that this might have gone too far..
Who are these people??
Are they for real?
I don't care if she is too bubbly for you to be a feminist, she is a woman and she has the right to be herself.
The never ending shitstorm
I was so prepared the read comments like oh she is not feminist because she's so girly or dorky or just because she wears dresses...
What I didn't see coming was the hate from young girls saying that labeling people as feminists reduces their value.
That was officially the point when my brain started to feel a terrible pain!!!
Oh why someone would think that saying you are in favor of sex equality that undervalues you?
Am I in the wrong planet?
Zooey just said the simplest thing a woman could say.. no sorry a person could say..
So please people stop all this hate.
Zooey is adorable, she is fun and she is really talented
and actually even if you don't believe all the above about her just accept that someone can support an idea regardless of the external appearance.



  1. Wow! I literally just posted about feminism at the same time you did, and I referenced the Zooey thing. Glad other people know about! If you want, you can read my post here:


  2. Too bubbly to be feminist? WTF!?!?! What do women's rights have to do with how happy you look?

  3. I just don't understand some people and their reasoning at all. It's almost embarrassing that they think in that way.

    Zooey love!

  4. I just don't understand some people and their reasoning at all. It's almost embarrassing that they think in that way.

    Zooey love!

  5. zooey is the epitome of
    beauty and there is nothing
    wrong with what she is.
    she is very lovable.



  6. I don't understand how people could hate on her! I've never been a fan of her, but I can't deny she's adorable and has such a fun personality! She doesn't deserve the hate at all.



  7. Totally agree! I actually never thought that we are still living in a year where we can do and support what we think is right and still be ourselfs no matter what!


  8. I completely agree! It's baffling to me that anyone would say she can or cannot be a feminist because she likes to dress a certain way and is bubbly and quirky. Anytime people try to say how someone should be? It's ridiculous. I love Zooey!

  9. completely agreed with you. she's hilarious and gorgeous, and to me, being a feminist is really just following your dreams and being whoever you want to be!

  10. I don't understand how you could hate her, she's so talented and awesome. I really don't see what the problem is, because she's feminist she now has to dress like a man? Surely that's just a massive contradiction, we are all equals and should have equal rights to dress how we want and live our lives as we see fit (as long as we aren't hurting others/breaking the law), no one has the right to devalue our beliefs or how we dress, it's pathetic. I'd feel sorry for them for being so narrow minded if it wasn't for the fact that they aren't worth another minute of my thoughts.

    Great post, TEAM ZOOEY!!

  11. I think you are 100% right, I just love Zooey! She is great and I think and a good role model to a lot of young girls - we need more celebs like this :)
    LaceyLoves x

  12. I LOVE Zooey I think she is so quirky, original and fun!

  13. I love to bake, sew, cook, knit, wear dresses, wear makeup, do my hair, I love babies and my favorite color is pink. I am also 100% feminist! People want to believe that a woman has to "act like a man" to be a feminist and that's just silly.

  14. Being a feminist is about having choices, and that includes wearing dresses because you like them, not because your gender dictates that you HAVE to.

  15. I think having feminist values is a good thing! Feminist identity should not devalue someone, especially if the goal is to work towards an anti-oppressive, sex-positive, and inclusive environment. Mainstream media/culture will never understand feminism and it's such a shame that feminist identities are so narrowly represented in mass media.

  16. So happy to hear that you love Zooey. Too much zooey hate goin on these days! ; D

  17. This post is really beautiful. It's easy to forget that feminism is still something that needs to be fought for, and that everyone can be a feminist.


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