Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Stray Kitten

Hello everyone! Those days at work I see cute little stray kitten. It's so small and helpless, ok maybe it's not that helpless because it's lucky enough to be a stray cat in the most rich area of Athens and that's why everyone keeps feeding it!
So I'm gonna be honest, I can't keep this cat, although it's super beautiful and amazingly smart.. I mean it meows loudly constantly and I can hear it from my office. Also it's short footed and fat, really fat, those fat legs stole my heart!
Here are some videos of this kitten so you can see how cute it is.. Oh I can't resist taking it at my home but my parents wouldn't be really happy about it

So what you should think I should do with this little stupid kitten?



  1. Aww, I wish I could help every stray cat!

  2. Such a lovely cat. Please take it to a rescue centre!!!! It needs to be spayed/ neutered and homed with a family who will love and look after him or her. If the cat doesn't get the vaccines it needs it could catch something and that could be fatal.It wont cost you a thing to drop him or her off at a rescue center. x

    1. Hi :)
      We would love to take her to a rescue center and we tried to do so before but as far as we know there's nothing like that for cats in my country. Well they only neuter dogs and for cats they just offer some discount. We know cause we've already been through all that with our stray kitten (who we kept).
      It's sad and it's not helping the overpopulation of cats either.
      One good thing is that cats in Greece are said to be extra healthy since they evolved without the help of humans.

  3. We live on a dairy farm, so lots of kitties around. It's sometimes hard not to take them home, especially when they are just itty bity! I have three girls as well, who LOVE kitties, and they want each one as a personal pet! I guess some things we just have to love at a distance :)

  4. It's so freakin adorable! I want a kitten so bad but I think my dog might try to eat it... maybe see if a friend can take care of it? or beg your parents to let you keep it?

  5. Sooo cute :) Is there a rescue center you can take her to?

  6. Poor little guy! :( I understand why you want to take it home.


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