Friday, December 28, 2012

The Foundation Diaries : Drugstore Top 3

Hello everyone today we've invited Nikki from Smoke and Mirrors to share with us a throughout review on foundations!
I'm always a little skeptical when it comes to foundations because I'm afraid they look weird on my skin but I've never tried out these brands :) Next time I'm in a drugstore I'll definitely check these out!

For more beauty and make up tutorials and tips check out her awesome blog!

Being a bit of a beauty junkie, I'm always trying out new products. Foundation is something I don't tend to switch up very often though as just with skincare, I think chopping and changing too often isn't great for your skin. I have tried my fair share of drugstore (high street) foundations though, and thought I'd give you a quick review of my top 3...

Almost all of the brands available in UK drugstores have quite a few products I am a fan of, but Revlon, Maxfactor and Rimmel are definitely up there with my favourites. I think they are all very 'on the ball' when it comes to keeping up with current trends, and bringing out their own versions of new types of products launched by premium brands. The quality of their products against their price points are also fantastic, and I'd highly recommend you check them out if you're looking to renew some of your makeup without breaking the bank.

Getting 3rd place on my list is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

This is a fairly new product in their range, and although there was so much hype when it was first launched, I was never that desperate to try it out. My skin is a little oily, so I tend to steer clear of foundations claiming to give radiance, as I don't want to create any more shine on my face. I've heard so many people raving about this though, even those with slightly oily skin, so thought I'd give it a bash. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it sat on my skin and also how well it lasted! I do have to make sure I use a powder to set it and sometimes have to touch that up during the day. But other than that it looks great! It's a slightly creamy/liquid formula, gives a nice healthy glow to the skin, is easily blended and gives a medium but buildable coverage. I have only tested this in the shade Ivory, which is suitable for me at my palest. I'm quite keen to try out darker shades when I have applied tan though. I'd say this is a great product for those with dry skin, but can really be used on any skin type as long as you have the right skincare underneath, and powder well if necessary. I haven't actually worn this on a night out yet, so not sure how well it photographs. I would think it possibly does have a little flashback though given it contains SPF ingredients.

Available here from Boots at £8.99 for a 30ml bottle.

2nd place goes to the Revlon Colourstay Foundation.

This has been my holy grail of foundations for years. I normally use the Oily/Combination skin version, but accidentally purchased the Normal/Dry skin version when hurrying round Boots recently. I still think it's great and lasts very well, but do prefer the formula of the oily/combination skin version. This is a medium to full coverage foundation in my opinion, but is pigmented enough for a little to go a long way if you're not keen on that much coverage. It lasts extremely well, so is perfect for evening makeup in terms of its lasting power. The only downside though is that it tends to give flashback due to the SPF ingredients. It's great for every day use though, or if you're attending any events in the evening where you're not intending on having your photo taken. I tend to stick to the Sand Beige and Natural Beige shades depending on whether I've applied tan or not. I'd recommend applying this with a duo fibre/buffing brush to ensure it is well blended.

Given Revlon do two versions of this product, it's therefore suitable for all skin types. Just make sure you pick up the right version for you unlike what I did!

**This is a liquid formulation, and the bottles do not come with pumps. So be very careful, as it can get messy when pouring from the bottle!

Available here from Boots at £12.49 for a 30ml bottle.

1st place goes to the MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation.

This is another product which has been around for a while, but I only tried it out for the first time around a year ago. I had heard quite a few good things about it, so gave it a bash, and ended up purchasing a few shades for my kit. This has a lovely creamy formula, glides onto the skin so easily and blends extremely well. I'd say it is a medium coverage, but is buildable if you'd like a little more. The formula is also great for mixing shades together to create the perfect match for your skin tone. This contains no SPF ingredients (so if you're wearing this during the day, particularly in sunny weather, ensure you apply a moisturiser with SPF underneath!), so I haven't had any flashback problems at all with it. It's not specifically for oily skin, but I haven't found that I need to powder it quite as much as the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I'd therefore say it's really suitable for any skin type, but again ensuring you have the right skincare underneath and powder on top, will increase it's lasting power.

Available here from Boots at £9.99 for a 35ml bottle.

I'd say all 3 products are very reasonable in terms of price, and I'd happily pay full price for all of them. However if you're considering purchasing them from Boots, keep a lookout for their 3 for 2 or free gift offers, as these 3 brands regularly feature on these.

I hope this post has been helpful to anyone struggling to chose from the many drugstore products on the market. All 3 of the brands have various foundation types on offer though, so be sure to check out the rest of their ranges!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!! We hope all of you have a great time with your friends and family! We don't know if we'll be going on a trip this Christmas or not but we'll keep you updated anyway.

Hope you like the tacky christmas card we made featuring our silly kitten Ella.
And we'll post pictures of all the food ASAP!

How will you spent your holidays this year??
Daphne & Gracie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Working Girl

Hello everyone :)
As you may know from my previous post I work as an intern in a tv channel..
The work isn't tiring at all but I must always be ready to go anywhere to cover a story!
I guess that's the life of the journalists.
So I don't usually stay in the office, cause I'm always on the go but today was a really really slow day so I had the chance to take some photos..
Yep that's me in the office.. now I'm a working girl!
The only thing that is really hard is that I have to wear really conservative clothes.
Actually I don't have to.. I feel like I should dress more properly for work and that's a huge problem cause I don't have enough "I'm a working girl" clothes.
So if you have any suggestions on what I should wear at work please help me...


Monday, December 17, 2012

London Journals: Part 3

Hello everyone!
Here's the third part of my London trip!

That day seemed like such a nice day. This was the view from my sister's house :) It's lovely isn't it?

But it is London so soon after that it started raining..
And here's me in oxford circus (?) you know that place in London that kinda looks like a time's square cheap replica? yup. Let me tell you it is nothing like time's square and in fact I'm having a hard time understanding why they even have these screens since they usually just have some mcDonald's and coca cola ads. Ok I also don't understand why of all the brands mcDonald's and coca cola need to advertise but ok. 

Later on we reached our beloved Chinatown (once again) and here's me in front of one of the cutest shops there. Omg can you see th GIANT pile of Pocky behind me??
Interesting fact: the cheaper pack of pocky you will find in Chinatown will be around 78-1 pound. There are other brands though way cheaper than Pocky.

But for those of you that don't care what Pocky is, I shall continue.
More stuff. You can clearly see that the bottom shots were taken by my cellphone :(
This was inside a cute mall type thing. And on the first floor (along with a weird tattoo shop) we discovered we can have our own purikura!! YAY! Ok that's like a photo booth only cuter and funnier (and price-r)

For just 1-2 pounds you can get this delicious bun! They are called Nikuman and I've always craved to taste them. And they are delicious. If you ever come face-to-face with a Nikuman-selling person please do your tummy a favor and buy that thing! And eat it. So delicious! 
We actually tried this recipe with my friend Efi the other day and it came out almost perfect. We'll be perfecting it next week and I'll post the recipe.

Because I love you.

Later on we visited Hamleys. Because Hamleys is cool. But So expensive, Seriously don't ever buy anything from there it's a steal. But you can visit Hamleys (without a kid) because it's so fun and you will be sad for all the things you can't buy... (because you know there's a Primark down the road and you can change your whole wardrobe with the same amount of cash)

More pictures at Hamleys:
So cute!! But for instance that cute little bear at the upper right corner costs 5 pounds. And it's approximately 3cm tall or something (=dress in Primark).

And some Lego creations. Here you can see my sister as well next to Kate. They are besties.

We then went to Primark as you might have guessed and we stayed there for a LONG time. Don't judge us we have nothing like that in Greece!
And it got really dark..
And the last pic is of me ready to pass out in the buss on my way home.
Oh and you can see my awesome raincoat/parka. Love it!

There will be probably a part 4 as well. Because I know you are dying to see me in places like Tate modern and the museum of national history. 

Until then have a wonderful week!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday At Last

Hello everyone!
This was a really hard week for me..
I've met so many people at work, I wish I could remember all those names..
Anyway the socking news is that today is Friday and we have 7 days till the end of the world!
Oh no I don't believe in this theory but it's so funny that people still freak out about it..
So here is my outfit for today!!
sorry for the mess but I'm really in hurry(must get ready before the world ends..)
And this is my make up.(I know so unexpected .. just eyeliner and fake lashes)
I'm gonna be honest I do the same make up look over and over again.
I'm not a professional but seriously everytime I try to do something else I always end up with liquid eyeliner and a makeup look that looks the same all the time!!
Also Daphne dyed my hair and now I don't have black roots yaaaay!!
Thank you Daphne you are my savior, you and your pink hair!
So I wish you to have an awesome weekend!
Also if anyone has an idea on how to do my make up in different way please please tell me..


Thursday, December 13, 2012

London Journals: part 2

Hello everyone,
So here is the second part of my London trip. For those of you that haven't read part one just follow the link!

We visited this beautiful place called "Little Venice" located in one of the most beautiful neighbourhouds in London.
 There were loads of boats and people were actually living in them! I've never thought of living in a boat, I guess the best part would be sleeping in one! 
On our way to the channel (you didn't expect them to have more than one, did you?) we noticed this glass of wine sitting casually on a bench.
I mean really, how can a glass of wine end up there? what could have happened? Maybe it's one of these things where people just place money in hidden spots for other people to find. Maybe just a compassionate alcoholic. I don't know.
And here's Efi looking fiercely at the channel. Note her awesome beret! (Do you really call it beret? I really didn't know this. Maybe google translator is wrong :/ )
And in the following amazing photo you can see the outfit of the day
I love love love my sweater! It's so fuzzy and warm, perfect for the cold London weather! I'm sorry for the chopped-head pose but I really didn't have another photo. How do you feel about the shorts? Are they looking good? I made them myself some time ago but I'm still not really sure if I like them or not...

But anyway, later on we went to eat some amazingly delicious Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant in Soho.
Oh my god you should taste this, every time I'm hungry and take a look at the following pics I just wanna die in this soup heaven. 
We will definitely try and make our own Pho at home, we'll see how this will go. If it's a success we'll post the modified recipe as well. In case you didn't know,  Pho is a delicious Asian dish with various stuff inside (you can select whatever you like). If you are just a little hooked to Asian dramas you've  probably have already drooled over this dish. 
Ugh I'm so jealous of myself it's weird!!! Why do Koreans eat SO much during the dramas? Why are they doing this? why. It's like watching an American show and people eating MC Donald's all the time. Why?
Me and the restaurant's leaflet. waiting for the food. While we waited for the food we took LOADS of the following weird photos. Because we could and because they look so COOL.

And we ended up in Chinatown which is really really close. I hope you can spot us. The person at the far right is my sister (whom I visited in London)

Fun times.
So tell me guys, have you ever tasted Pho??


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Window Shopping

Hello everyone, 
This will be a really hard week because I'll start my internship as a journalist..
I'm really anxious about how things will go.
Anyway besides all the boring stuff like working etc I have to share with you the most amazing hat I've ever found!!
This is a turkey hat!!
I guess it's a thanksgiving hat but I don't care.. It's perfect..
When I saw it the first thing on my mind was the scene from Friends when Joey stuck his head in a turkey!
I also saw this cute pyjama bear and I thought oh great let's take a picture together you piece of undergarment..
AAAAAAnd last but not least I transformed myself into cousin ITT
This is just hilarious.. It's the worst coat in the history of clothing. 
I haven't seen anything so hideous again!
It's a pink coat that has hair on it!
This is pink hair, no I'm serious.. this is a pink haired coat!

I think I've seen enough for this week..
Must remind to myself, AVOID SHOPPING!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Post-Predictions For The Past

Hello everyone :)
Today we have an awesome diy guest post!
Erin the owner of Predictions for the Past will show you a super easy way to transform your old purse!

Purse Makeover DIY

Hello Bubble My Licorice readers! I'm Erin, the author/photographer/evil genius behind Predictions for the Past.  Predictions is a life and style blog about my adventures in personal style, living away from my hometown for the first time, and living a fulfilling artful life. Plus, Predictions is one of Bubble My Licorice's sponsors for the month of December. So hi, hello, and it's a pleasure to meet you all!  

I have a fun and easy DIY to share with you (this is my first guest post, so I'm pretty excited about this!).  Today, we're going to learn how to give an old bag a facelift with a bold new pattern!

You Will Need:
  • Masking tape or self adhesive drawer liner (ConTact Paper)
  • Scissors or Craft Knife
  • Paintbrushes - something large to fill in, and a thinner one for touch ups
  • Acrylic Fabric Paints
  • An Old Purse in need of some love! The bag can be fabric or leather, however leather bags will need thinner coats of paint and additional drying time so the paint won't peel.

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface you will be painting.  Plan out your design on a piece of paper, and cut it out of masking tape or contact paper and apply to the bag.  Be sure to press down really hard, to help prevent the paint from bleeding!
  2. Fill in the main parts to be painted with 2-3 thin coats, allowing to thoroughly dry in between.  Work colour by colour, and do not remove your stencil until the paint is completely dry.  Always paint starting on top of the masked off parts, keeping brush strokes pointed in toward the centre of your stencil.  This will help prevent paint from bleeding under your masking tape/contact paper.  
  3. Remove your stencil.  Don't worry if your lines are a little wonky, these will be touched up later!
  4. Paint in the other colours you want.  I wanted to do red edging, so I waited until all my masking was removed to paint it.  If you are painting on top of a dark colour, mix a little white paint into your base coat to keep the colours nice and bright! If you are painting free hand, take your time and be neat.  Paint 2-3 thin coats, letting dry well in between coats.

All done! Time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and rock your spiffed up purse in a cute little outfit.  There are lots of patterns and designs you can apply to your bag, so customize your purse into a unique work of art that represents your style! The sky's the limit!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Liz and Dick Review

Hello everyone :)
I saw the new movie of Lindsay Lohan "Liz and Dick"
I can't really say that I was disappointed from the movie cause I had extremely low expectations..
The first thing that I want to mention is that the base of the movie was incoherent, I think that the gaps in the scenario couldn't explain the sequence of events.
But let's face it none saw the movie for the plot, we all wanted to see Lindsay in the struggle to prove that she can still act. aaaaaand she did it!
That's it I'm telling you that she actually did prove to the audience that she is an actress..
Despite all the nasty comments about her I think that she did a dissent job.
I'm not claiming that she is the biggest actress of all times but she could capture a feeling and she had some elements Elizabeth.
The only scene of the movie that disappointed me deeply was the 'Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf" scene.
This movie was a milestone for Elizabeth and deserved a bigger part in the film.
So overall I think that it was a fun to watch movie without getting crazy about it.
Lindsay was pretty good as Elizabeth, she tried to imitate her voice, her tone and her attitude and that's a hard thing to do.

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