Friday, June 29, 2012

Necklace Review

Hello guys!
Not too long ago this envelope arrived at my house. I remember seeing it from distance and I thought to myself "Argh! That's so cute! I never get mails like this"
But lucky me it was from Shannah :)
And since it became one of my go to accessories  I decided to review it :)
Ok so I open the envelope and there was this HUGE butterfly card saying Thank you at the back. I'm not sure if Shannah made this herself or bought it but it was so thoughtfull! 
And in this pink wrapping was the necklace :D
It's beautiful made and it's so easy to wear, because it's neither a huge statement necklace nor a small harldy noticed one.
You can see me wearing it here

So yup if you would like to add another cute accessorie in your collection definitely check Shannah's shop out!

And on a side note I would like to thank Carly Watts for creating this illustration of us:
I love how she draw our hair and the fact that the clothes she draw on us are something that we would propably wear! Check out more of her cute illustrations here!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Special Summer Offer!

Get ready for an amazing summer!
We decided that this summer we'll have special offers for our ad spaces!

Purchase an ad space for July and get August for free  :)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Floral Summer Dress

Hello everyone :)
Summer is here and since I couldn't find my dream dress.. I made it!!
Yes yes all by myself (or maybe with a little help from Daphne :P)
I feel so excited wearing my creation!
I tried really hard to make it perfect and I think that so far is my favorite dress.
Although I'm not quite sure if it's called dress or two pieces or something else, so if you know please inform me..
Also these are my shoes :)
I love floral patterns and for a really long time I wished I could wear something so girly!

What do you think of my dress?
Do you like it?


Monday, June 25, 2012

The myth of a perfect body

Now that the summer has come every girl tries to find the perfect bikini. While I was searching online I stumbled upon the Victoria's Secret beachwear catalogue and I saw Andriana Lima.. My first reaction was "ohh I look soo fat, I must loose weight now!!"
I panicked but then I noticed that her body although is smoking hot has been obviously photoshopped.The picture below shows how her real body looks like.She is perfect and the fact that she's already a mom gives her extra points for having this body, but what we see in the first photo is not the real Adriana. She has slightly bigger belly and her butt is not as round as it appears in the VS photoshoots.Nowadays girls feel more insecure about their body image than ever! The problem starts when the industries bombard the market with pictures of figures that don't actually exist! I mean that Adriana and all the other vs models are perfect! They don't have any flaws but real bodies have some imperfections that the industry can't forgive such as love-handles, really small or really big breasts. This is quite normal for a natural shape but nowadays seems that we have forgot what a natural beauty means. These are some photos from VS catalogue from 1979.As you can see the models have amazing bodies and they are naturally beautiful.Back then there was no fake tan or hair extensions.They had  uneven skin tones, slight love handles and even sagging breasts.(which actually are not saggy but natural, I guess that saggy today is a term referring to breasts that are not fake)Today those pictures seem to have way too many mistakes to be published.I have to admit that sometimes I feel trapped by those images of perfect women and although I have a normal body I get furious that I'm not good enough.I know that this is not true.I love my body but it seems that sometimes I forget to tell myself that this is me and I'm perfect the way I am!How do you feel about your image?Have you ever felt that the industry gives unrealistic shapes of bodies.Gracie

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Handmade Summer Outfit

Hello everyone!

Today is so HOT!! Like unbelievable HOT!

I thought that wearing a white dress and a hat and sunglasses would be ok, but no! This weather is only suitable for swimming or sitting like a corpse on the floor (you can also use an air-conditioner)
Here you can see me ready to go, make up and everything ready thinking that it's a little warm today but I'll survive.
Another great thing is that I had the last 2 of my wisdom teeth removed and as you can see here on day 3 since the surgery my face is still swollen and has a yellowy hue. YAY.(teeth story)
So yeah soon after these pics were taken I went outside, died, and after probably 1 hour I am back home writing this and hatin' the weather.

But other than that life is great cause  have exams. The good news is that Gracie has exams as well and it's kind of comforting knowing you don't suffer alone.

And of course full outfit:

What I wear:
Hand made dress with Polka dots ( by me)
Hat and belt that I bought one time
Clarks shoes
And the cute Love necklace handmade by Shannah!
Thank you :)

So how's your day?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Third-Wave Feminism and Pornography

Hello everyone :) This week I'm super busy, just like Daphne, because of my uni exams..
As you may know I study journalism in the university of Athens and this month is the hardest one. Also tomorrow I have oral exams in french and I'm really nervous because I struggle a lot with the pronunciation.. Meanwhile I'm working on a project that I have to deliver until Monday. The subject of the essay is "Objectification in Pornography" and I've learned things about porn industry that I wish I never did. But overall this research in pornography is not always negative. So I want to share some thing with you that I've learned during my research!
Porn industry helped women to explore their sexuality as encourage them to learn about their bodies and try to please themselves without any fear. I know that in the western culture the feminist movement tried to solve those problems but many communities nowadays are really conservative and create insecurities in women about their body image and their sexuality.Home-made or amateur porn videos create a fuller image on sex as they portray different types of bodies and a great variety of sexual actions in general. Porn also is in a way a freedom of expression and supports the idea that every person has the right to manage his body as he wish.My essay was essentially based on the third wave of feminism.In this term is described the new feminist theories about equality, sex and pornography.The most important part of this theory(for my essay) is that women should be treated equally, so they have the right to shoot porn films without the consideration that they are "used".I'm not saying that pornography doesn't have any flaws.Sometimes porn gives the wrong image about sex or about human relationships and also can be really addictive.But the main point is pornography can't be blamed for everything bad in society just because reflects society.So the last thing I want so say is try not to be judgmental, be open-minded, support equality and freedom of expression.Remember that if we didn't have freedom I wouldn't be able to do this post and could never disagree with an opinion that doesn't exist.Don't demonise human nature, accept it and let it free!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Outfit and Life

Hello everyone!
Today has been such a tiring day, since I've been studying for about 9 hours straight, because I'm an engineer student and I have to suffer.
What makes it harder is that it's really HOT outside and everyone else is at the beach.
So here's my outfit:
I just found this blouse today and I'm extremely happy :D
It's actually my mother's but doesn't fit her anymore.. Ho ho ho!
My hair color is truly represented in this photos. 
And multiple shots of my face just because I wear this cute cute bow I made and the cute bracelet that the wonderful Cindy from I adore Life gifted me :D
I hope you can see how cute it is!
And one more precious recent possesion:
My new sunglasses!
Note the wonderful cat-eye shape they have!

I apologise for the quality of the photos.. I couldnt fix the colors in Photoshop at all, my camera went out of focus the whole time and I was in a hurry to go eat. And the the battery died (obv).
I mean my hair look red in some photos! damn!
But I know you guys will forgive me..

But other than that life's fun and everything is going great!

What are your plans for the summer?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lagoon Blue Hair

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm really excited.
I actually feel like a blue haired princess and all I need is a tiara!
From the title of the post you are probably guessing that last night, oh yes last night, I bleached my hair (actually Daphne did it) 
But anyway the point is that now I have bright blue hair!!!!
They are so blue that I almost died!
That bleaching was totally the best idea ever!!
This color is so fantastic and I have to admit that today all day I look my hair in the mirror(honestly that's all I do)
Lucky me is today is Saturday so I can spend some time looking at my hair :)
So here is a photo with my old blue hair so you can compare them with the new hair!
So the difference is HUGE!!
It only took me 40 minutes to bleach my hair and after that I applied the lagoon blue dye :D
I'm so blue and happy !
What do you think about my new blue hair??


Giveaway results

Natalie Hagen

Natalie wins this beautiful necklace :

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faded Blue Hair

Hello everyone,
Currently I'm trying to fade my hair so I can bleach them again and dye them light blue!
The color now is not as bad as I expected.
I'm not even sure if this color is blue or grey or something else.
So here is my outfit!
It's actually really hot outside these days.I think that the temperature that night was 38 °C (100.4 °F) so I'm not even sure why I was wearing a cardigan..
Oh I also I have to say a huge thank you to Cindy for sending me this amazing handmade bracelet.
She did a great job (here is the link of her store
I wasn't expecting it to be so beautiful!
When I saw it I totally fell in love :)
She actually sent us two bracelets one pink and one blue and I obviously picked the blue!!
So back to my hair :)
I have to say that I like the color but I must change it!
It's above my powers.
This time I will bleach it again so I can hopefully achieve a light blue color (actually a lagoon blue)
So here is a photo of my hair.
I parted my hair like that so you can see that the top layers are super faded (thanks to the sun) but underneath they are still blue.
So I want you to wish me luck because this time I want to be super blue!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poppy & Fern Giveaway

Hello everyone :) Today we have the very first Giveaway for you from Poppy and Fern! These beautiful jewelry are all handmade from Rachel Pruett, the wonderful owner of the shop (check out our interview with her here). We love that they are embroidered have cute vintage frames, it just makes them precious :)
If you want to keep updated with Rachel's work follow her facebook page :)

How to enter the Giveaway:
 Just go to Poppy and Fern and pick your most favourite item. Then return here and leave us a comment about which item you liked the most and include your email so we can contact you back if you won!

The Giveaway will be open until Wednesday 13 11:00 pm

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yogurt Instead of Ice Cream

Hello everyone :)
Today I have to share with you one big question I have about yogurt.
All started a couple of months ago when I first saw with Daphne a cute little store that sells frozen yogurt.
frozen yogurt
I didn't really wanted to try it because I hate hate hate yogurt.
In my mind yogurt has this weird sour taste that makes your mouth foam.
Anyway Daphne was really excited about it and everytime we are out and I want an ice cream she wants frozen yogurt.
I'm not sure if I'm the only one that doesn't like this frozen yogurt idea but I really don't feel like yogurt can replace ice-cream!
Ok I must admit that they have a colorful store
and many yogurt flavors
and of course many many tops...

So I almost understand that it might taste good but I can't get out of my head that it is YOGURT!
Oh also they have colorful spoons
If this place sold ice cream it would definitely be my favorite place..
So please tell me what do you think about that.
Can the sweet taste of ice cream be replaced be yogurt?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Random journal

Hello everyone!
These days  I have been so busy it's crazy! I have a ton of work for school and I hope I'll make it through alive. And on top of that yesterday I had a surgery. :O
Yes yes,  I had my wisdom teeth removed! Scary, I know!

My teeth story
When I was in junior high school (those wonderful and magical years of my life) I had really crooked teeth because my baby teeth refused to leave on their own. So I had to wear braces and I was already wearing glasses of course. Cliche.
And my hair was all over the place but it was ok, I didn't really care back then. But the pain of the braces was unbelievable! I hated them!
So long story short I took them out after 3 years and I was extremely happy and promised my orthodontist that I would remove my wisdom teeth when I was 18. Well that didn't happen. So here I am today with 2 more to go.

The surgery went great! If you get over the needle part (OH MY GOD THE NEEDLE PART) the rest is nothing. And it doesn't hurt at all and life is much easier than I expected.
Of course my face is a bit bloated which I actually enjoy because now I can cover half of my face and pretend I gained 20 pounds.
Since this post is about teeth I also included these wonderful masterpieces I just made.

Fun teeth surgery story.
When the doctor was done with the surgery, she told me to wash my mouth with some weird liquid they have. But since my mouth was so numb I didnt realise I hadn't closed it and accidentelly spitted on the assistant. And she freaked out. So stupid...

ps. and the best part is that now I can eat ice cream, chocolate mousse etc without being guilty because poor me had a surgery! HO HO HO
Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?

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