Monday, December 17, 2012

London Journals: Part 3

Hello everyone!
Here's the third part of my London trip!

That day seemed like such a nice day. This was the view from my sister's house :) It's lovely isn't it?

But it is London so soon after that it started raining..
And here's me in oxford circus (?) you know that place in London that kinda looks like a time's square cheap replica? yup. Let me tell you it is nothing like time's square and in fact I'm having a hard time understanding why they even have these screens since they usually just have some mcDonald's and coca cola ads. Ok I also don't understand why of all the brands mcDonald's and coca cola need to advertise but ok. 

Later on we reached our beloved Chinatown (once again) and here's me in front of one of the cutest shops there. Omg can you see th GIANT pile of Pocky behind me??
Interesting fact: the cheaper pack of pocky you will find in Chinatown will be around 78-1 pound. There are other brands though way cheaper than Pocky.

But for those of you that don't care what Pocky is, I shall continue.
More stuff. You can clearly see that the bottom shots were taken by my cellphone :(
This was inside a cute mall type thing. And on the first floor (along with a weird tattoo shop) we discovered we can have our own purikura!! YAY! Ok that's like a photo booth only cuter and funnier (and price-r)

For just 1-2 pounds you can get this delicious bun! They are called Nikuman and I've always craved to taste them. And they are delicious. If you ever come face-to-face with a Nikuman-selling person please do your tummy a favor and buy that thing! And eat it. So delicious! 
We actually tried this recipe with my friend Efi the other day and it came out almost perfect. We'll be perfecting it next week and I'll post the recipe.

Because I love you.

Later on we visited Hamleys. Because Hamleys is cool. But So expensive, Seriously don't ever buy anything from there it's a steal. But you can visit Hamleys (without a kid) because it's so fun and you will be sad for all the things you can't buy... (because you know there's a Primark down the road and you can change your whole wardrobe with the same amount of cash)

More pictures at Hamleys:
So cute!! But for instance that cute little bear at the upper right corner costs 5 pounds. And it's approximately 3cm tall or something (=dress in Primark).

And some Lego creations. Here you can see my sister as well next to Kate. They are besties.

We then went to Primark as you might have guessed and we stayed there for a LONG time. Don't judge us we have nothing like that in Greece!
And it got really dark..
And the last pic is of me ready to pass out in the buss on my way home.
Oh and you can see my awesome raincoat/parka. Love it!

There will be probably a part 4 as well. Because I know you are dying to see me in places like Tate modern and the museum of national history. 

Until then have a wonderful week!


  1. I love London!! Whenever I go there, I definitely spend hours at Primark as wll!! :)


  2. gt den evales thn alh pic sto telooos ???? xD

    1. nai sorry e?? 8a tn valw st allo post p 8a valw kai kapoies dikes s! :D

  3. Cake, jewellery, toys and lots of colour. You found heaven...

  4. Omg your hair! Ive been trying to go pink for months! How did you do it? Very cute post x

    1. Thank you very much :)
      First I had to bleach my hair and here is a tutorial on how I did this:

      and then I put diluted dark tulip

  5. Thanks for your comment!
    I live in London and absolutely love this city!
    The place looking like a tiny Time Square is Piccadilly Circus ;)


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