Thursday, December 13, 2012

London Journals: part 2

Hello everyone,
So here is the second part of my London trip. For those of you that haven't read part one just follow the link!

We visited this beautiful place called "Little Venice" located in one of the most beautiful neighbourhouds in London.
 There were loads of boats and people were actually living in them! I've never thought of living in a boat, I guess the best part would be sleeping in one! 
On our way to the channel (you didn't expect them to have more than one, did you?) we noticed this glass of wine sitting casually on a bench.
I mean really, how can a glass of wine end up there? what could have happened? Maybe it's one of these things where people just place money in hidden spots for other people to find. Maybe just a compassionate alcoholic. I don't know.
And here's Efi looking fiercely at the channel. Note her awesome beret! (Do you really call it beret? I really didn't know this. Maybe google translator is wrong :/ )
And in the following amazing photo you can see the outfit of the day
I love love love my sweater! It's so fuzzy and warm, perfect for the cold London weather! I'm sorry for the chopped-head pose but I really didn't have another photo. How do you feel about the shorts? Are they looking good? I made them myself some time ago but I'm still not really sure if I like them or not...

But anyway, later on we went to eat some amazingly delicious Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant in Soho.
Oh my god you should taste this, every time I'm hungry and take a look at the following pics I just wanna die in this soup heaven. 
We will definitely try and make our own Pho at home, we'll see how this will go. If it's a success we'll post the modified recipe as well. In case you didn't know,  Pho is a delicious Asian dish with various stuff inside (you can select whatever you like). If you are just a little hooked to Asian dramas you've  probably have already drooled over this dish. 
Ugh I'm so jealous of myself it's weird!!! Why do Koreans eat SO much during the dramas? Why are they doing this? why. It's like watching an American show and people eating MC Donald's all the time. Why?
Me and the restaurant's leaflet. waiting for the food. While we waited for the food we took LOADS of the following weird photos. Because we could and because they look so COOL.

And we ended up in Chinatown which is really really close. I hope you can spot us. The person at the far right is my sister (whom I visited in London)

Fun times.
So tell me guys, have you ever tasted Pho??



  1. Seems like you had a great time there! You have many great shots as well; especially the abandon wine glass lol! I love them all!

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  2. Wow. Beautiful pics!
    With love, Ladyfairy

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  3. I LOVE London!
    Never tasted Pho, but I did sleep on a boat many times when my dad was living in one on the Seine in Paris! It was weird, but pretty cool at the same time.

    Glad you had fun in Beautiful London!

  4. I need you sweater!!


  5. Oh you are grat girls! Lovely photos!:))

  6. I love Pho! I grew up in a predominately Asian Neighborhood, and live in one to this day! Pho is a Vietnamese dish and though I am not a beef person, you should try it filet Mingon (sp) style, where it cooks IN the broth! it's delicious, and practically melts in your mouth!

  7. I love your sweater! Where is it from? Oh and your yellow shorts are cool too:) Flo xx


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