Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Liz and Dick Review

Hello everyone :)
I saw the new movie of Lindsay Lohan "Liz and Dick"
I can't really say that I was disappointed from the movie cause I had extremely low expectations..
The first thing that I want to mention is that the base of the movie was incoherent, I think that the gaps in the scenario couldn't explain the sequence of events.
But let's face it none saw the movie for the plot, we all wanted to see Lindsay in the struggle to prove that she can still act. aaaaaand she did it!
That's it I'm telling you that she actually did prove to the audience that she is an actress..
Despite all the nasty comments about her I think that she did a dissent job.
I'm not claiming that she is the biggest actress of all times but she could capture a feeling and she had some elements Elizabeth.
The only scene of the movie that disappointed me deeply was the 'Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf" scene.
This movie was a milestone for Elizabeth and deserved a bigger part in the film.
So overall I think that it was a fun to watch movie without getting crazy about it.
Lindsay was pretty good as Elizabeth, she tried to imitate her voice, her tone and her attitude and that's a hard thing to do.


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  1. though not a fan of lindsay, but she got elizabeth act really right ;-)


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