Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday At Last

Hello everyone!
This was a really hard week for me..
I've met so many people at work, I wish I could remember all those names..
Anyway the socking news is that today is Friday and we have 7 days till the end of the world!
Oh no I don't believe in this theory but it's so funny that people still freak out about it..
So here is my outfit for today!!
sorry for the mess but I'm really in hurry(must get ready before the world ends..)
And this is my make up.(I know so unexpected .. just eyeliner and fake lashes)
I'm gonna be honest I do the same make up look over and over again.
I'm not a professional but seriously everytime I try to do something else I always end up with liquid eyeliner and a makeup look that looks the same all the time!!
Also Daphne dyed my hair and now I don't have black roots yaaaay!!
Thank you Daphne you are my savior, you and your pink hair!
So I wish you to have an awesome weekend!
Also if anyone has an idea on how to do my make up in different way please please tell me..



  1. You look so pretty!


  2. you look like a magical creature. And I always do the same make up as well haha, but I tend to be more inventive around the holidays. glitter everything!

  3. Love your outfit and have enjoyed reading your blog! I especially like all the tutorials. I mentioned your site on my blog recently, too :)


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