Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Hairstyles I Would Die to Have

So lately I've been thinking how awesome it would be 
if I could change my hairstyle from short to long and the opposite every day.
This is the top 5 of the hair I would like to have..
In the 5th this awesome hairstyle make me wanna chop my hair off!
I don't know if it's short or medium but I love the way it's all cut uneven..
The 4th place goes to this vintage hairstyle.
I'm in love with blue hair, but if you combine blue hair with victory rolls then can almost faint from excitement!
The 3rd position is dedicated to a hairstyle I was obsessed with for many years.
I love this puffiness!
The second position goes to this vintage hairstyle.
These curls are really well placed.
The First place belongs to this hairstyle!
When I cut my hair short I dreamed about this hairstyle..


  1. I love all of these. Big hair, curly hair and blue! :D

  2. I love them all! My favorites are the 5th one. Love the "I just wake up" look, the 3rd looks amazing and the 2nd one is very glam and sexy.
    The blue is just a perfect shade of blue! The first one is very glamorous too and you can wear it in many ways!

  3. super beautiful pictures... kisses

  4. so.. much... teasing and hairspray xD

  5. omg, i love the first four! how did she get that shade of blue? :O

    1. maybe she had really blond hair or she bleached her hair many times..

  6. The bue hair made me so envy@@


  7. My favorite is the blue victory rolls! You can get that shade of blue by bleaching your hair and dyeing it with a dye like Special Effects Fishbowl or Blue-haired Freak.

  8. Aw, I LOVE your blog and the blue hair in the pic!

  9. I love the hair in 3rd place~
    gorgeous~! Blue hair seems really cool too! Maybe I'll switch from pink to blue~

  10. Love pictures!!

    I follow you :)

  11. Agree with the blue hair and victory rolls, best hairstyle ever made.


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