Saturday, November 24, 2012

London Journals: part 1

Hello everyone! I was in London these days visiting my sister with my friend Efi. We took loads and loads of photos and decided to share some of them with you, like a trip journal.
OK so first of all we visited this great patisserie at SoHo! It's called "Patisserie Valerie" and they have shops all around London. Originally we wanted to eat pancakes and cookies but couldn't find such shop. 
hohoho look at all these goodies! <3

Then we rented bikes. You can rent bikes from automatic machines anywhere in London. And return them wherever you want. It's 1 pound for 1 hour which I think it's a great deal ;)
Lol I was so scared at first! Bikes are really not my thing but it was much more convenient to do some sight-seeing without exhausting ourselves.

You can also see Efi on the picture above. I'm just sad I'm not allowed to post more proper pictures of her as well. So you will only see me in the photos looking for ever alone.

A cute little park.

And of course Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
A big house (?) that looked cool
me there

And yeah, these are the first day pictures. Well there will be probably 2 more posts with more pictures.

Oh London how much i love you XD
The most exciting thing was the shopping to be honest. And of course the food. Although that was kinda expensive.

So check out my new pullover and scarf! hehe
Loads of people told me that they loved how it matched my hair color. Which was my goal to be honest.

And another intresting fact was that the weather was great! Which is quite unusual for London. It only rained once while we were there! 

So yeah, have you ever been to London? 
And if so, what's your favourite thing to do there?



  1. I love it there! This looks like so much fun. Your sweater is just adorable.

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun... my eyes are still on the cakes :D
    I'm excited to see more of yours adventures

  3. I haven't been there but it looks like fun! Super cute sweater :O

  4. cool photos!) follow your blog)
    Follow me back, if you want)

  5. there's a Patisserie Valerie just down the road from me but I never visit it for some reason--maybe I should treat myself! My favourite things about London are that most of the Museums/Galleries are free which doesn't seem to be the case in most capital cities x

  6. Beautiful pics


  7. Looks like your making the most of it whilst your there. I love London I always have a great time, I don't go as often as I should. I love the shopping too, I always have to take a trip to Camden market. There's so many cool things there!!

  8. that jumper is adorable!! and those cakes look so delicious *u*

  9. Two things I couldn't take my eyes off: Those delicious cakes and your lovely sweater <3
    Oh, I wish I could visit London! You're sooo lucky, Daphne!

  10. Estou retribuindo a visita e gostei do que encontrei. Seu blog é lindo e criativo. Obrigada pelo recado. Voltem sempre!

  11. what a cutie pie!!!! and that's soo crazy we were probably in London at the same time!!

  12. I haven't been yet, but it sounds like my kind of town! I would be obsessed with taking photos of everything! And the Patisserie would be one of my first stops! Cute heart sweater, by the way! -Jessica L


  13. You make me miss my pink hair XD Looks like a great time!

  14. you such a lucky girl, i have never been to london but i wish to one day.

  15. Wow your pics are so beautiful !
    I love London, i wish i could be there right now ...
    By the way, I'm in love with your hair.


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