Thursday, November 1, 2012

Could You Be A Superwoman?

Lately I've been reading the news more frequently and I have to admit that I'm really disturbed by the material of some online news pages.. As you may know in my uni we have many classes related to feminism so it's really natural to me to search and be drawn to this kind of subject in any form.. commercials, movies, books etc. So I read this article about how women used to be "real" which can be translated as oldfashioned housewives.. The writer thought that it would be a nice idea to say that a woman that stayed in her house had morals and values that today's girls haven't.. The most disturbing part wasn't the opinion of one misogynist but people's comments under the article which mostly said that a woman's place is in the home.
Modern societies seem to be free from prejudice but the root of misogyny is deeper than the theatrical surface of equal rights. Women are oppressed, judged and blamed simply because they exist. The battle of the sexes was never equal, women are traumatised everyday of their lives because society says they can't match up a man, as they are not a man. The theory of feminism in his early existence lead 'till now to the opposite direction in which a woman is forced to prove herself as a superwoman. Superwoman is the female that not only feels the need to be a leader indoors and outdoors but also has to maintain a breathtaking image(with make up, tight clothes and heels) of the seductive female.
The need to complete all those roles emanates from the high expectation society. The people around us most of the time have a really strict opinion about women's appearance and choices. I feel that is a common experience to be apologetic about not finding time to do your make up. So even for the smallest things women put themselves  in a lower position because society tough them that's where they belong..
The trick that the society use on young girls is that  perfection is the only way to be respectful. But what we can do to eliminate all this hate? It's simple, the next time you feel judgmental about a girl,  think twice 
'cause next time this girl might be you.



  1. I've never understood how women have shown to be the weaker sex? Men came from us- women- so they should show some respect but that's the men of this generation and misogynist behaviour is regrettably common. Great post!

  2. Coming from a faculty full of women, we had a professor who said to not let anyone (including men) get in the way of doing what we want and becoming whatever we want. We will always come across people who won't take us seriously because we are female, but that is their own ignorance and has nothing to do with us as individuals.

  3. Great comments and thoughts on a popular topic. Some people still don't understand that women are still oppressed in today's societies and cultures. Even though we have more options than we used to, our wages are still smaller. And we are expected to do everything--to work, to care for children, to cook and clean. I don't understand why there is still such a division between the sexes. The struggle for equal power makes me wonder if we have some inner mechanism embedded in us from the very beginning that leads us to feel this way. It's just ... crazy.

    Anyway, thank you for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed my visit here! It's fantastic! You had a cool giveaway with the black cat ring. I hope you'll join in my ornament swap. I'd love to see what you--both of you--come up with!


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