Friday, October 5, 2012

The Feminist Frida Kahlo

After my first attempt to approach Frida ,her marriage, her accidents, and her life in general today I want to share my opinion about what Frida Kahlo has offered to me.
It's not strange to say that a person that lived 60 years before changed a persons life and point of view. Frida was an artist, she painted mostly herself (and her suffering). Her pain was the main theme in her paintings, her pain wasn't only psychical, caused by her bus accident but also psychological, because of  Diego Rivera and his infidelities. Frida is a strong role model of a woman who's not afraid to show emotions and talk about forbidden things.Death, birth, wounds, abortions and every other subject that no one else dared to speak about has been painted by Frida. It's not a secret that female genitalia seem TODAY as forbidden image.. Western society has created a fear around women's body and creates a mystery in the whole process of birth.
How many times have you seen paintings of women giving birth? How socking it seems  to see the actual image of female genitalia.. Now think about how free the society is to accept male genitalia.. The main point of this post is to stop the fear against being human. I'm a real person and I have feelings, I suffer, I cry and I'm not ashamed of this! What Frida taught me is that my body is mine and I have no reason to feel guilty of my existence in any way. I don't feel ashamed of my body, of my weight, height, scars or anything that differentiates me. I want to be me.



  1. Gosh, your posts are so cool. Frida is amazing. I think that painting is really powerful, Gracie, not only because of what it shows us about sexuality, but by the dehumanization of the woman. It's haunting that the woman's identity seems to be hidden while the focus is on the baby. Oftentimes, when a woman becomes a mother, or becomes "sexually active," that's all she's defined with. We're seen as baby-makers, sometimes.

  2. I LOVE this post!! It is so wonderful to see a lovely, young, modern woman such as yourself, taking cues from another amazing female who has been gone so long. She was so incredible and so powerfully influential. I, too, adore her for her strength and courage! It's so strange... I just posted about her on my own blog on September 28 ( ) ! Her spirit must be on the rise!

    Viva Frida!
    mermaid who loves sushi

  3. Great post! Frida is such an inspiring person. Last year I watched a movie about her life and I was so impressed how she had the strength to move on after her accident.
    I love her pictures and her background.
    So, thank you for this post! ♥ :)

  4. Oh my dear Frida! I want to be her! actually some weeks ago I tried her hairstyle and it is awesome <3
    Nice to know that you love her.

    See you!

  5. Beautiful your blog, congratulations. Kiss from Spain.

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Great to see posts about artist, and even better to see posts about women artists. More please! :)


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