Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink hair & Handmade dress

Hello everyone! I finally finished my exams :D So I'm back and I hope everyone missed me.. haha So anyway, to celebrate our exam-period ending me and Gracie decided to dye our hair a little different this time! Well we both had a serious root problem as well but that's another story. Anyway we tried to go for a permant pink and blue dye which failed miserably BUT somehow I managed to get this awesome pink pastel-kinda color! Please tell me what do you think, 'cause I'm lovin it :D This my old hair color before for reference here.

 Here I'm wearing a dress I've made and trying to work the trend "tights with sandals". Well It's not as bad as I thought it would be..You might remember this dress from this post ! Also Gracie managed to straighten my unruly hair
Later on I tried to get some pictures with da Kitteh Ella but the plan failed miserably. The rest of the film was pictures of the cat biting my hands
But for those that have been asking, Ella is doing fine, she is really energeting and I have to chase her around the house the whole time. But she is still the cutest kitten out there so I forgive her.



  1. Cute pics!

  2. I LOVE IT~! Pink hair buddies~! <3

  3. Your hair is totally cute like that - I like the color :) And how cute is that little kitten? ♥

  4. Love the hair and the kitten is so cute!

  5. Meow, meow...I love little kitties!! :) Your pink hair looks fabulous!!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( )

  6. I think your hair looks awesome!

  7. hair is super awesome! :)

  8. oh! Lovely cat! :)

    Thanks for visting me, darling!

  9. Your Blog is great too, i´m now following you, hope you can do the same! :)

    With Love,


  10. Hellow!!!! Thanks for let your comment in my blog!!!!! i check your blog and its amazing, so differrrrreeenttt like this style "POP AND PIN UP" full designe!!! Now i follow you from Chile!!!! Followme back Ladys!!!!



    Fashion Brand

    TW: @PameUkuncar

  11. Loving the dress on you! xx

  12. You look beautiful no matter what hair color is currently on you.

  13. Cute cute cute.
    Your kitty is very funny.

    See you!

  14. hahhhahah the cat is mocking you in the second picture "PEASANT, LET ME OFF YOUR HOLD!" i think you should keeP THAT COLOR FOR THE WINTER ! {UN~CAP THAT I AM TOO BORED TO PRESS THE CAPSLOCK KEY


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