Saturday, October 20, 2012

Matching your headband to your dress

Hello everyone! Today I'm really excited to show you my giant space bow :)
I love the idea of matching accessories. Like matching your dress to your shoes or to your handbag but since it's a tiny bit difficult for me to create shoes or a bag right now, I made this bow headband :D yay!

And now I'm tempted to use all the leftover fabric I have to make matching accessories for all the dresses I've made, just thinking of using all this leftover fabric that I can't let go off makes me excited!

So I made a really simply tutorial to show you the processes:
Well it's pretty easy. My secret for making the bow is taking a really long rectangle and folding it in such way so that it will also have the bow "tails" on the bottom. I think this is what makes this bow so cute. I also used a long rectangle to cover up the headband as well but I could just leave it black..

So apart from this bow headband success I have an almost completed dress to show to you guys but I keep forgetting buy a zipper! Ugh! And I've got a serger but didn't have the time to actually sit down and learn how to use it. Which is a shame because the fabric I used for the new dress definitely needed a surger..

In other news, I'm desperately trying to figure out a subject for my diplomatic and I feel like I'm losing loads of time :(
My diplomatic will be about ergonomics and my professor told me that I'm free to find any project that would interest me and talk to him about it, so I'm at a loss and I just want to stay home and continue making bows for the end of time.
If you have a super idea that would help me out please tell me, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated..

But other than that, life's great, my hair are in so much better condition already and I have a cat so I'm content.

Well I hope all of you will have a fantastic weekend!
Oh and we have a surprise for you!
Next week we'll be having a giveaway so stay tuned!!


PS. check out my cute peacock inspired wall!


  1. re o kainourgios toixos eiani Πerfect background gia fotos!

  2. cute! i love your dress!


  3. Adorable!


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  4. Lovely! Might have to try this :) x

  5. thanks for your nice comment on my blog, girls!! and i love YOUR hair :)


  6. Hi! Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog, I look forward to following your blog, it's choc full of inspiration, I love it!

    Laurie Anne xx

  7. Thanks your blog is adorable too! :D If you like my blog you should follow it, and maybe I should follow yours too. ^^ I like your blog, it's filled with pretty pictures. :D

  8. This is actually looks easy to do! I'll have to try it!


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