Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hair trouble! Guide for repairing damaged hair

Hello everyone!
As you might already know, recently I've tried to get my hair to a more pastel-y pink color (here) But these pictures represent my current hair color a little better.
(I'm really sorry for the quality of the pics I will definitely take better ones soon)

Anyway the thing is that lightening my hair again was really damaging to my hair. They have ever more split ends now and they break off at the ends.
But I was expecting this to happen since I have really fine curly hair that needs LOADS of moisture.

At first I freaked out but you know what? I've saved my hair in the past and I can do it again now!
A little bit more about my hair type:
I have curly hair that are in constant need of moisture. Oils and leave-in creams don't weight them down at all. So these steps might not work for someone that has straight and oily hair. But people with oily hair are lucky enough that their hair are usually stronger since the natural oils protect their hair.

(my hair thankfully isn't as damaged as it appears on the close-up shots, this is the results of hairspray :S )


1) A Deep moisturizing mask twice a week. My favourite one is this homemade mask called SMT. Trust me everyone, it really works! I usually leave it one for hours. You should really check out the long hair community, they have so many good suggestions!

2) Always oil the ends. Currently I'm using Castor oil because I don't remember where my coconut oil is but in an ideal world I would be using coconut oil first and Castor oil shortly after. Because Castor oil can't penetrate the hair but it can seal in the much needed moisture. So especially before going to sleep I will heavily oil my ends.

3) Trim the split ends using professional sharp scissors. Dull scissors  can only make the problem worst. One could just go and get a hair trim at this point but I have an obsession with cutting my split ends (or anybody's split ends) so I can happily do this myself.

4)Once in a while use a protein mask on the hair. Did you know that too much moisture/protein can be bad for your hair? There should be a balance between the two. Usually you should do a hair protein mask once every 4 moisturizing masks.
Do this hair diagnosis and find out what your hair needs the most!

5)Avoid heat at all costs. Well this was expected I don't have much to add to this step.

6) Be careful with brushing and tying hair up. While it's best to have your hair up in order to protect them, tying them up too tightly can be really damaging. So be careful when you are using elastics, clasps etc.

7) Don't wash the hair too often. It also fades the color. I have curly hair they are almost never oily so this is no big deal to me.

8) Don't forget to add moisture to your hair between washes. Most people add leave in products only after only they've shampooed their hair. The problem is that when you plan to wash your hair less frequently you have to moisturize your ends between the washes. Or they'll end up breaking

8) Of course use good products, natural etc. I really can't recommend good products because natural products are not easy to find in my country. I usually order my hair products online :(

Also: In additional to all the above I'll propably do some hot oil treatements if I'm not bored and I'll try to find some good reconstuctor masks that won't cost a fortune..

I'll let you guys know how it will all go :D
Let's just hope I won't have to get an actual haircut cause I really hate going to the salon. haha

If you have any question or suggestion please let me know and I'll make a much more proper guide :)


ps. sorry for the huge text post


  1. fabulous! i love it :)
    visit my blog too?
    xoxo. :)

  2. I'm so obsessed with my hair, and i'm constantly looking for some good tips for keeping hair healthy. This has helped me a lot! Most i already knew, but it's nice read them again, and keep them all in mind. These tips are just all so good! Thank you very much!!

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  3. This is a great post, Daphne. I have dyed my hair turquoise and it turned greenish-grey. I then dyed it purple twice to make it look decent (in two days. I know. It's bad), so I have to take care of it, so it doesn't get mad at me. This post helps a lot. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. I have pink hair too that I got from bleaching my black hair to blonde then dyeing it! Thanks for these tips~! I have the exact same hair type so this guide is perfect~! <3

  5. your so brave to dye your hair pink! x

  6. this is so helpful, thank you!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

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