Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last Exam The Cat Purred

Hello everyone :)
Today I woke up and realised that is my last day of studying cause tomorrow is my last exam!
I feel soo exhausted during the exams..
Anyway I don't have much to say about me..But I want to show you Ella!
She is so cute but unfortunately when we tried to meet her with Efi's cats none of the cats was thrilled to meet each other!
For example this male cat called Meawulis didn't paid any attention to Ella but that's not the big news, the socking part is that Ella hissed at him and before attacking him we grabbed her!
It was so stupid of Ella trying to attack a 5 year old male cat when she is soo little (she's just 4 months old)
Here you can see a video of Ella purring..
And If someone has any advise about how to introduce Ella to other cats will be more than welcome :)
Hope you having an amazing week.



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    1. Oh, it's so tricky to introduce cats to each other. My advice is to look for an older, more patient cat. I have two cats now and they're both runts; their mommies left them when they teeny tiny, so they have no clue how to behave around other cats. They just...stare at them (Mika does. Massy like to play. So, she'll socialize). Find a kitty cat who's older. Boy cats are a little competitive, I find (I have seen exceptions, though. I have met a cat, Toby, who was very shy and let other cats take over).
      PS: Ella is adorable and she's still growing up. She'll figure things out at some point. Hopefully. Massy, my younger kitty, chirps at dogs in an attempt to hunt them. At least Ella did not do something like that. >_<

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  3. aww such a cute cat!

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  5. I suppose it's too late to wish you good luck, so I'll say instead that I hope exam went well!!

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  8. cutie pics!
    lovely post.

  9. Aww, I hope you did well on your last exam and all of them! That's how I feel too during them. Your car is SOOOO cute, by the way!

  10. Hope it went well!!
    Your cat is adorable! (:



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