Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fear Of Math

Hello everyone :)
A new September week just started!
So here I am almost like a zombie after studying all day..
As you may know this month is super busy for me and Daphne because of our exams..
Studying journalism might seem easy but it's not!
Tomorrow I have an exam in statistics (horror) and I'm terribly anxious!
Just look at what I'm studying!!!
This is a torture!
I was never good at maths..
Anyway the one nice thing is that I was trying to find a ruler in my house for the exam and I found two that I believe that they will do the hard job!
They are beyond cute, I loved them!
Anyway.. I guess I should go back to study..
Have a nice week :)



  1. Hope your studying goes well! Such a cute outfit! That dress is so pretty!

  2. You look so cute! And the rulers are adorable! Good luck in your exams! xxx, Rita

    Style Lullaby

  3. BLUE HAIR!! I absolutely love it!! Really itching to go into the salon, but my hair dresser is so popular he isn't free until the end of the month. Ack!

    Anyway, stats. Those charts! I'll never forget them... haha. Good luck on your test!

  4. Hope the studying goes well! Good luck on your exam!!

  5. good luck on your exam! & OMG im in love with your hair its beautiful! :D


  6. Lovely dress! I think the blue hair looks so ethereal and awesome!


  7. Good luck! Stats is difficult, I took it a few semesters back. It gets really confusing, especially when you start measuring confidence levels. O.o

  8. Cute dress! And trust me, all that hard work and studying will pay off!

    1. omg i love your blue hair, i think i have a spontanous crush on you darling you look so fabulous and your style is really unique and whimsical so you got yourself a new reader;)
      love and kiss,mary

  9. J'adore ta couleur de cheveux, elle te rend rayonnante !
    N'hésite pas a passer sur mon blog, et a t'abonner si cela te dis !
    Bonne continuation :)


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