Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cat Problems

Oh yes our poor little kitten Ella is sick again.
I don't know how this cat manages always to be in trouble..
So this time the problem is  diarrhea..(yes this means runny poop)
We don't know what's wrong yet but we know one thing for sure
this cat poops like crazy!
I know that Ella would be really ashamed if she knew that everyone now knows about her diarrhea..
We told her that we wouldn't tell but I never took a vow.
Although that she's still really energetic we are worried about her problem
mainly because we don't have any clue what is causing it.
Maybe it's her food or maybe she got sick..
So if you have any idea what may cause diarrhea to a young cat please tell us.
We'll take her to the doctor as soon as possible but any advice would be helpful!


  1. Hope your cat feels better soon! I don't have one, so no words of advice, but thinking of you! xo

  2. My first kitten had the same problem, pretty sure it was the food though. but a check up wouldnt hurt.

  3. I had the same problem with Ziggy. It was the food. My favorite one to use now is the Iams kitten wet food... Its in a little purple can. It's the best one i've found...

    Good luck!

  4. It may be a reaction to her surgery, like the anesthetic and such?

    I hope she gets better fast. You're such good owners :)


  5. could be anything. bacteria, infection, stress...if it won't get better, you should visit the doctor!

  6. awww, poor little kitty :( that happens to my cats sometimes, usually it's just the type of food... hopefully she recovers soon, just make sure she's having a lot of water.


  7. i hope your baby is feeling better. this is really common, it could be because she's eaten something inappropriate, that she needs different food or a virus or "nothing". to get the tummy in order it can help to feed the cat with lean, white fish and rice. make sure she doesn't become dehydrated! an easy way to check is to lift her neck skin up (carefully) and see if the skin go back again, if it stays up once you let it go, it's bad and the cat should be taken to the vet immediately. one of my cats got really dehydrated during tummy problems and it was the worst thing i've been through as a cat momma, she was so ill and we were afraid we would loose her. i hope Ella gets better soon, if she hasn't recovered already!

  8. thanks for the nice comment on my blog :D
    awww I hope your cat gets better really soon! I never own a cat so I can't help much :(

  9. awww i love cats! it's like on super popular youtobe video "i love cats,i want to hug them all" ))

  10. Awwieh, I hope your kitteh gets better soon c:

    xo, L

  11. really adorable kitten .
    my 2 month old kitten
    has a huge tummy and i just
    had her dewormed but it's
    still huge .

  12. She's a doll. :) I hope she feels better soon.

  13. Was she a shelter cat? If so, shelter cats can carry a wide array of illnesses, including Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a parasitic intestinal infection that causes diarrhea in cats. My shelter cat had Coccidiosis when we adopted her, as well as worms, an eye infection and ear mites. She was a mess! Luckily she has a wonderful vet who fixed her right up and now she is perfectly healthy. Your sweet Ella will be too, she just needs the right medicine. :)


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