Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kitten updates!

Hello everyone!
Big kitty news!
Today our kitty had to undergo surgery for her poor little foot.
We 've been searching doctors for 2 days. I'm really happy to tell you that she woke up just fine!! 
Here she is chilling on her bed looking grumpy. Check out the Banana-foot!
I don't know if the surgery is a huge success or not though.. I'm just glad that she is fine cause anaesthesia is really dangerous for little kittens like her.

Thank you everyone for our support in our last post
I can't wait to have her back home. We couldn't take her back yet cause she should be watched by the doctors. Which makes me nervous, but I think everything will be fine :)

I will definitely post updates!
She is sooo cute! Like a little stupid monster! Argh!!
Stupid little kitten!




  1. Baby kitty is stunning. What is her name? Also: what happened to her foot? Did she land the wrong way or something? (I'm sorry; I'm an auntie to two kitty cats. I worry about all le kitties in the world!). I'm glad she's okay, though.

    1. She fell of the balcony! And I live on the 4th floor. I'm just glad she only broke one leg...
      You have two kittens? That's great, I wish I could get another kitten for her to hang out with...

  2. These posts are making me so jelly! I want a kitten so so bad but my boyfriend is allergic. Looks like I'll just have to live through you! haha

    1. Awww, i totally understand how you feel! One of my friends has 2 cats and I constantly call her to just ask her about the kittens..
      We'll post even more photos for you haha

  3. Poor little thing. I've got 3 cats and one dog. My cats always fight with others so we go to the vets all the time!

  4. She is so cute! I hope she is better soon!

  5. Aww poor baby! I hope she feels better!

    <3 Yesi @ Puddles & Cuddles!

  6. She's cute you know,feels bad when such little thing are in pain!
    Glad she's all fine,she'll be better am sure,very sooN!

  7. awww, i'm glad she's doing well :3 sending her lots of love!

  8. She is so cute! I'm glad she is ok and I hope she heals fast

  9. Oh, gosh! Good thing she has 9 lives!


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