Monday, August 13, 2012

Morissey concert!

Hello everyone!
This year Morissey visited our city for one perfomance so we had to go!
We couldn't take a lot of photos but we tried our best:
There were hundrends of people it was crazy! At first we were really happy. But then it became unbearable. We took these photos way before Morissey came on stage. And people kept coming...
It was sooo hot. At the first few songs we were at the front but we couldn't stay there for long.. So sweaty.. XP
But we didn't regret going at all! Morissey was great! We loved his perfomance! He even took his shirt of for us hahaha
I wish we had stayed longer at the front though.. Argh!

Here are some photos of the concert I've found. We couldn't take any photo when we were close to him so I hope these will do:
More here

So tell me, have you seen Morissey live??



  1. Great pic's! LOVE your hair!!! New follower!! Xo

  2. You two are so freakin' cute and I always look forward to your blog entries. I love how happy you look in those pictures.^-^

    1. Aw thank you so much!! :) we post as often as we can!

  3. oh fun!!! we saw morrissey a few years ago in NYC. he was fantastic!!!

  4. love the hair, hop eyou had fun!

  5. Im glad you enjoyed the concert but I'm sad cause I could not attend!
    He played here in the beginning of the year and I had no money at all!!
    Now I regret it so bad :/ Hopefully I will go to the UK some time again and watch him live!

    Love xx
    Following your blog and thanks for the comment :) Flo

  6. Massive fan of Morrissey. Saw him in Manchester for his 50th birthday gig - what a show! x


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