Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frida Kahlo The Female Che Guevara

I'm guessing you all know Frida, and those who don't know who she is they have definitely seen pictures of Salma Hayek as Frida.
frida poster
Frida has become a modern symbol. Women all over the world have been influenced from her unique personality and her powerful paintings. Frida wasn't an ordinary woman, she was born to be legend! Frida's accidents Her early life had pain and suffering, at the age of six she contracted poliomyelitis and at the age of 18 she had a terrible accident while she was riding a bus.  The bus collided with a trolley car and Frida was tragically injured in her whole body, she broke her spinal column, her collarbone, her ribs, her pelvis, her feet but the most important was the iron that pierced her abdomen and her uterus resulting incapability of having any children.
Her second accident was her stormy marriage with Diego Rivera. The trouble in their marriage was soon to come as Diego had many affairs and Frida also tried to keep up with the infidelities.
The stronger blow for their relationship came when Frida found out that Diego and Christina, which is her little sister, had an affair.
The most unique thing about Frida is not her life but her attitude towards to all the suffering she had. She never gave up. When the doctors said that she wouldn't be able to walk again after her accident she claim she would, and she did. When she felt betrailed, lonely or lost her art made her whole again.
Frida is the perfect example of a powerful woman. She draw herself because as she said "I'm the subject I know the best"
Why Frida is the female Che Guevara? Because Frida is a modern symbol just like Che. Everyone can identify her face, her mustache and unibrow are the symbols of a woman who doesn't care about the beauty that is forced to us. She tried to look at herself only through her eyes, the pure eyes of a real woman without the men's view. Frida and Che were both politicized and controversial personalities. Their icons involved and the they are viewed as the rebellions. The pop culture has used their faces in every form and way so now we can say that Frida is not just a woman who influenced the feminist movements but all the western civilization. So this is the first part of the things I want to write about Frida, I will make more post about her and the influence she had on the feminist movement..



  1. Great post, I don't know much about Frida but she sounds so interesting!

  2. I love Frida Kahlo's art work! She is one of my favourite artists. I have never seen the film now and I think I will now, I'd like to learn more about her life.

  3. Frida Kahlo has always been a favourite artists and figure of mine. We studied her in my Spanish class in high school and I find her fascinating.

  4. Great post! - i remember studying her work during alevel art! shes such a great artist! xxx

  5. thank you!! :) I hope that you will visit my blog again ;)

  6. I totally agree with you! This is why I love Frida Khalo! Definitely learned something there. :)

    xoxo Raffi ♥


  7. so fabulous. Amazing post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report. xo


  8. I love Frida Khalo, her style, her looks, her personality, etc. When he looks with her flowers on the head, inspires me to create little things.
    Good post!

  9. I needed to read this post. A doctor told me I'd never be able to stop having seizures and that my brain was essentially just...deteriorating from traumas throughout my life. I started drawing, seriously drawing, earlier this year, and it is always about a message: about something I wish people could learn form my experiences or observation. If Freida did the same, then I'm on the right path. I feel relieved. Thank you.

  10. I love her! Thanks for the reminder. I once had a cat named Freida Cato. Wonderful creature. There is a book published that is basically Freida's journal in full beautiful colour copied and translated. I got it from the library. Great to see her ideas in seed form...

  11. Thanks for posting. I always love a little history--and I do love Frida. She is quite an inspirational woman and artist.



  12. Hey!!
    If you like Frida I think you will like this oufit at muy blog http://birdsandsongs.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/frida-dress.html

    Regards from Spain (Europe)


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