Saturday, August 18, 2012

Broken Leg

Hello everyone!
As you may know recently we found a little stray kitten and we decided to keep it.
But last night was a nightmare!
This littly kitty feel off the balcony 
and I live on the 4th floor!!

Luckily she only broke her leg but we were sooo scared!
We went to the doctor and he said that she must undergo a surgery..
Poor little kitten.. she is in terrible pain and I feel so guilty for letting her on the balcony alone..
This is a video from the first days we got her..
Have you ever faced a similar situation with your pet?



  1. Ohhhh I hope your cute kitty stays well soon :( I just love animals I get really scared qhen something bad happens! But cats are strong, xxx, Rita

  2. She is so cute! I hope she feels better soon!

  3. She is adorable!! I hope she gets better soon <3 x

  4. I have a rescue cat akka Kitty as well.
    So so sorry for the misfortune and I truly hope everything will heal soon!!!
    Kisses from Kitty and me!


  5. Aw! Poor baby! I hope she's okay <3

  6. She's so beautiful!! Hope she has a quick and relatively easy recovery!

  7. Oh no :( I hope things go well!

    My cat really like the balcony. I live in the 3rd floor and my heart skips a beat every time she finds a fly or a bug to chase out there. I always bring her in :(


  8. Aww poor thing! Dont feel guilty, things happen! :) She's super cute and you'll be a great kitty parent!!! hahah

  9. ooohhh so cute..hope to be well really soon!

  10. Poor little kitten. I hope she is better soon. She is adorable.

  11. Aw poor kitty! You didn't know that was going to happen though, and I bet you're mega careful about her forever now!! She will be very loved :)

  12. oh no!! poor kitty, hopefully she is feeling better soon x

  13. Oh poor thing. I know how hard it is to not feel guilty when your babies get hurt, but seriously, who ever heard of a cat falling? Maybe she's secretly a dog. My dog falls ALL THE TIME, clumsy oaf. And as far as similar situations, I won't bore you with a list, but I'll say that the joke among horse people is that "when you own a horse, you learn to write a $500 vet check with your eyes closed." Which is a feat cause who writes checks any more?

    Seriously though, kittens heal quick, so I hope she feels better soon! She's adorable. :)


  14. aw poor little thing! don't worry though, she's young so she'll get better mucho soonly :) sending sparkly love x

  15. ohh no I hope she will recover very fast!!! I just keep my kitties out of balcony, you never know when and if they decide to jump after bird or something like that..

  16. Omg kittehhh! She's adorable, love the video :)

    But oh no for falling! how terrifying!! I'm sure ya'll almost had a heart attack :O


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