Monday, July 16, 2012

Link Love

Hello everyone!
My weekend has been super busy but I still managed to roam aimlessly on the Internet and find lots of interesting stuff to share with you :)
Knock your self out:

And my friend Efi got me hooked on Korean Drama again!! If you like that kind of stuff go to My Drama List and add me! (my name is Licorice) 

Have a wonderful week everyone :D



  1. Yay! thanks for the link babes xxx

  2. Thanks for linking to kitsunetsuki! glad you liked the post :) x

  3. hello, i'm also addicted to Korean dramas!! gosh, which one do you like? :P

    anyway let's follow each other on GFC and know each other better? I'd love to know more about you pretty girls. :D

  4. Nice post, really interesting links!
    Come back soon to visit my blog: Cosa mi metto???
    Win a starfish bracelet!

  5. tHank you for sharing these awesome links!!!

  6. Hello!
    I love your blog!
    I just found it!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago too.
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!

  7. Hi! I absolutely love your blog, I feel so lucky to discover it!
    You two are so creative... When I finish with this comment I will definitely see the links.
    By the way I love your hair colours, remind me of bubble gum, Katy Perry, Rainbows and unicorns... haha! (I'm not crazzzzy! haha)

  8. You also love That Blonde just dont know it yet..

  9. Yay, some new links to check out - thanks girl!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  10. hello, thank you for sharing these. What a cute blog:)thx for your nice comment, I follow you now, follow back if you like.

    xx chris

  11. The DIY dog bowl idea is adorable!

  12. Thanks for the comment .... I love the blog too ...lovely

    my blog is new, visit and follow me if you loke ;) xoxo!!!

  13. Thanks for the visit...wanna follow each other?:)


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