Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Floral Drawers

Hello everyone :)
Today I was in the mood for doing something creative.
For a long time I wanted to change my room,
so I decided to change my drawers!!
I'm gonna show you how I went from this to that!
As you can see these drawers are white and boring..
At first I took this wonderful floral wallpaper and one random book approximately at the size of one drawer.(I couldn't find a ruler)
and then I drew a line across the paper 
this line was my guide on where to cut the paper
and after the cut I placed it carefully on the drawer
and this is the result!!!
I'm really happy with the outcome!! :)
Now my room is more girly and more cute!!
What do you think about my idea??
Do you like it?



  1. Oh what a great idea, very very cute! Love your dress too hun! :)

  2. Great idea! Alos, the dress you're wearing is adorable :)

  3. What An Awesome Idea !
    Love the outcome !


  4. Brilliant idea! I live in a rental so it's a good way to jazz up my boring white drawers without drastically changing anything- will have to try this! x

  5. great idea! would love to do it, but my drawers are difficult to cover because of the intricate carvings haha! :)

    XO, Mish
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  6. This is so pretty, love it! I've planning how to make over my sewing desk and was thinking about painting it but maybe I'll use some wall paper instead or maybe both! Thanks for sharing. Great idea! :-) x


  7. i need to get this for my plastic storage bins =) thx blue!

  8. i think it looks great! this is such a good idea! :D also, thank you for the lovely comment on my DIY tank. I hope you get to try it soon ! have a happy wednesday!

  9. Great idea - I've got lots of white drawers in my bedroom that are boring too!

  10. Such a fun idea! Turned out great!

  11. Such a cute idea!
    p,s thanks for the comment u leave by my blog &love the hair!

    The Nuliya

  12. Super cute! I've thought about painting my set of drawers, but the cats have scratched it up and it has fallen apart and been put back together too many times. Next move it is gone!

  13. LOVE THE IDEA!!!! it's a lot better now!!!! love this blog!!!! and love your hair..I wish I was brave enough to do this!!! following you girls!!!!

  14. You did a great job, looks really cute now :)

  15. I LOVE this DIY- how I wish I had some drawers to wallpaper, but I only have shelves and closets! I am sure you get this a ton, but your hair is AMAZING.
    Also, I am hosting my first ever giveaway for a $40 gift card to my vintage shop :) If you would like to enter to win it, come over to:

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  16. your hair is absolutely amazing!!! love it! and the drawer idea is really cool :)

  17.!!!!! I definitely want to do this with my drawers~! <3


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