Friday, June 1, 2012

Random journal

Hello everyone!
These days  I have been so busy it's crazy! I have a ton of work for school and I hope I'll make it through alive. And on top of that yesterday I had a surgery. :O
Yes yes,  I had my wisdom teeth removed! Scary, I know!

My teeth story
When I was in junior high school (those wonderful and magical years of my life) I had really crooked teeth because my baby teeth refused to leave on their own. So I had to wear braces and I was already wearing glasses of course. Cliche.
And my hair was all over the place but it was ok, I didn't really care back then. But the pain of the braces was unbelievable! I hated them!
So long story short I took them out after 3 years and I was extremely happy and promised my orthodontist that I would remove my wisdom teeth when I was 18. Well that didn't happen. So here I am today with 2 more to go.

The surgery went great! If you get over the needle part (OH MY GOD THE NEEDLE PART) the rest is nothing. And it doesn't hurt at all and life is much easier than I expected.
Of course my face is a bit bloated which I actually enjoy because now I can cover half of my face and pretend I gained 20 pounds.
Since this post is about teeth I also included these wonderful masterpieces I just made.

Fun teeth surgery story.
When the doctor was done with the surgery, she told me to wash my mouth with some weird liquid they have. But since my mouth was so numb I didnt realise I hadn't closed it and accidentelly spitted on the assistant. And she freaked out. So stupid...

ps. and the best part is that now I can eat ice cream, chocolate mousse etc without being guilty because poor me had a surgery! HO HO HO
Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?



  1. hahahahahahaha can not not laugh at the part were you spitted the nurse hahahahahahahahah xDDDD

  2. I have mine all coming through now - they are causing me grief every now and then so I think in time I will have to. Had one other removed about 4 years ago!! Easier than a filling!

  3. I haven't had to... and hope never :P Love the illustration at the top! xD


  4. This post made me laugh! Nice picture btw :P

  5. Omg, I also had surgery 3 days ago :D xo

  6. Thankfully I haven't had to have this done, so poor you. Remember chocolate cake is a necessisity! XxxX

  7. Nice story, hehe :)
    I haven't had this surgery, it's good to hear that it isn't so scary like everyone says :)


  8. I got mine back removed back in high school.. a week before school photos. luckily the swelling went down. did you take a picture of your face?! i took about 1-3 to laugh at yearrrrs later.


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