Friday, June 29, 2012

Necklace Review

Hello guys!
Not too long ago this envelope arrived at my house. I remember seeing it from distance and I thought to myself "Argh! That's so cute! I never get mails like this"
But lucky me it was from Shannah :)
And since it became one of my go to accessories  I decided to review it :)
Ok so I open the envelope and there was this HUGE butterfly card saying Thank you at the back. I'm not sure if Shannah made this herself or bought it but it was so thoughtfull! 
And in this pink wrapping was the necklace :D
It's beautiful made and it's so easy to wear, because it's neither a huge statement necklace nor a small harldy noticed one.
You can see me wearing it here

So yup if you would like to add another cute accessorie in your collection definitely check Shannah's shop out!

And on a side note I would like to thank Carly Watts for creating this illustration of us:
I love how she draw our hair and the fact that the clothes she draw on us are something that we would propably wear! Check out more of her cute illustrations here!



  1. Awe thank you so much for this post! I've had 2 orders since your last post :D

  2. Great posst girls! i adore your blog!

  3. Your blog is so funky and cool!

  4. That's necklace is so cute!

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  5. Gracie looks great on these drawing!
    I've got a new blog and I'm looking for a support...
    Can we follow each other??? I'm done :D

  6. ohh, this necklace is so pretty :D

  7. So beautiful and fantastic necklace.The post is so nice and fantastic.I like your effort.Really really like appreciation.

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  8. thank you for your comment on my blog:) so colourfull on here:) I follow you of course follow me back if you like kisses Magda xx


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