Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Proud to be a Woman

Hello everyone,  This post is going to be a little different from the others.
As you know I'm studying to become a journalist and lately I'm really busy with some essays I have to do for my uni. The subjects that I have chosen for these essays are related with feminism and I'm starting to realise that all those feeling that I have in my everyday life, as social pressure are not unique but every girl in the world has been judged just because she's a girl. First of all I want to suggest you to see two movies: "Frida Kahlo" and "Thelma & Louise" It is wonderful that Hollywood have created some movies that are showing another aspect of women, the aspect that shows them powerful and independent.

I would like to dedicate this post in the movie "Thelma & Louise" and just because I feel really related with all those feeling those girls had. You should know that the film presents two ordinary girls, Thelma which is married with a repressive husband that cheats all the time and doesn't have any respect for his wife, and  Louise that seems more independent as she works as a waitress and has her own house.Those girls in the end will change dramatically because they will realise that the modern society has no place for them.
During the movie you can see many forms of women's oppression and violence, from rape to looks full of criticism.
thelma and louiseReasons you have to see this movie(again and again)
  • you'll feel stronger as a person
  • you'll realise that even a weird gaze it's not ok
  • will teach you the importance of fighting even if you don't have any chances at all
  • Brad Pitt is hotter that ever..
brad pitt
  • And the most important part, you'll learn to support every girl in the world
Also you should note that women's oppression sadly starts from women.
So we should realise that we have the opportunity to change this world and make it fair for everyone.
We should just be united and support each other to make it happen.
That means that the next time you'll see a girl to be judged harshly for no reason, even if you don't know her at all, defend her and don't let anyone to put her down. Just think that next time it might be you in the same place. Be united!  Be strong!  Be proud to be woman!



  1. "Also you should note that women's oppression sadly starts from women." -- SO TRUE! We have a tendency to compete, when we should support! Even as mothers, we try to see who's doing it better, when we're all going through the same hardships! Thanks for the post luv!xoxo

  2. LOVE this!! and thelma & louise :) what a wonderful and empowering post! you are so correct when oppression of women starts with women, we need to be there for each other and support each other through thick and thin!! thank you for sharing this :)

  3. This post hits home. While there is still a lot of gender inequality in the world, I agree that as women we are our own harshest critic. The first step to showing our daughters that they can succeed and live their own dreams is to live our own dreams.
    I would be interested in reading your essays when you have finished them.

  4. Great post Gracie! You're not afraid to be be critical and ask questions. Very good!
    I suggest the movie "Shirley Valentine". It's a classic one.
    Good luck on your study dear!
    Love from Amsterdam!

  5. Hey~ I'm here to say that you've been tagged with an award, go to my blog to see it ^^

  6. I love this post! Especially the bit with Brad Pitt but I definitely agree, I think more movies should portray women like this; to be more powerful and independent! I haven't seen it but I think I will now:)

  7. Such a great post! I've been meaning to see this film, they are both now on my list to see! XxxX

  8. This movie is a game changer for sure. You should try and find a screening of Miss Representation I swear it will change you and if it doesn't that's just sad.

  9. This fantastic movie have everything to be a winner, the actors are wonderful and the theme of the film is so real and strong.
    Many stars for it.

  10. What a fantastic post ! I agree that women need to be proud of who they are no matter their shape, size, colour, height etc :) Must buy Thelma & Louise!
    I'm also on a bit of a feminist rampage (seemed like the best possible word) on opening peoples minds on tattooing & especially womens link with it in history & today (even been asked to talk at my local church on the subject, YIKES!)

    I think its brilliant your chosing feminism as your essay topics, what a mass of information you will be open too !




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