Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet Cuban!

Hello everyone!
We are happy to introduce you the amazing owner of Grrfeisty blog. Join us as we discuss about life, blogging, her pets, her awesome shop, crafting and style :)

Hello Cuban! Tell us a little bit more about your life
My family immigrated to the states from Cuba in the 70s. My parents worked really hard so my sister and I would have all the basic comforts they didn't growing up. My dad's job had us living between California, Florida, Texas, and Saudi Arabia. Moving so much as a child made my family really close [especially my sister and I] and has me hooked on traveling. Every once in a while I get an itch, and since I work in education and get plenty of vacation time, I am able to scratch quite often. :) My most recent trips have been to Peru and Colorado - with my boyfriend of 7 years.

Why have you decided to start blogging? 

I have been blogging on and off since the age of 18. Through Livejournal and Blogger I have made such wonderful friends. Based on similar interests and dorkery. J I also love the challenge of an audience so that I can work on improving my photography skills.
We've seen a lot of posts about your cute dogs. How many dogs do you own? 
I live with 3 dogs, and dog-sit for a friend of mine as well. Sam and Osa are lab mixes, and Buster is my original mutt. :) Sam and Buster are a bit older, so lately Osa has been having all the fun - and she really enjoys it. I have taken in a few dogs at work and helped find them homes. Animals are amazing and wherever there is a dog, you will find me :)

Have you always been so crafty? What inspires you?
I remember dabbling in all kinds of arts and crafts growing up. In middle school I made books and greeting cards, in high school I started sewing by hand, and in college I actually sold some items. Afterwards I kept at it and opened up an Etsy shop. :)

What other hobbies do you have?
Currently, my main hobby is playing for Houston Roller Derby. :) I've been with them for over a year now, and it's definitely been a lifestyle change. I am also in love with traveling, as I mentioned already. And inbetween work, trips, and derby, young adult fiction keeps me quite entertained.

How would you describe your style?
My style is pretty down to Earth. I dress for comfort, and any "style" I have acquired has come from picking out my teacher wardrobe. :) I am trying to get into the vintage movement, but it's a little difficult dressing a 5' figure. My favorite articles of clothing are dresses and skirts. But I think my trademark has become my large hair. ;)

If any part of my life interests you, please stop by my little e-home. :) There you will find loads of photographs, [literal] puppy love, roller derby, recipes, outfits, DIYs, and a lot more randomness. 



  1. This is cool! I was born in Cuba myself, so the fact that I found someone on here that has the same ancestry as me is awesome!

    1. hey! that's pretty interesting! glad we found each other :)

  2. Wow so many varied hobbies! Makes for an interesting interview :)

    xx Cristina

    1. thanks! i feel like i am kind of all over the place. haha :)

  3. Thanks for the great guest post, I'll be sure to check it out! XxxX

  4. Girls thank u for left comment on my blog because u enable me to see your marvellous blog ! You look fabulous in pink hair :)

  5. Great Katniss costume !!! i'm definitely becoming your reader!


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