Thursday, March 22, 2012

My New Digitizer

Hello everyone!
First of all I would like to thank you all for your support!!
You guys are amazing :D
We are extremelly happy that we finally hit the 500 members milestone!

Moreover I finally finished the new blog layout! YAY! I've been working on this layout for sooo long. I actually can't believe that everything came together so well!
Of course there are always thigs that can be fixed/improved.
But I hope you like it as well.
For reference, here is how our old layout used to look like:

I wouldn't accomplise anything of these if I didn't have my awesome bamboo digitizer!!
OHH I love my digitizer so much!
And my friend Efi gave it to me as a gift!

If you like drawing this digitizer will definately make your life easier!
I also use it as a mouse and it didn't take me long to learn how to use it and now I must say, I find it easier using my tablet than my mouse.
I know there are digitizers out there that can work with just the touch of your hand. But I was scared that I would accidentally touch the surface the whole time and it would drive me nuts.

So if you want a digitizer this really is worth the money. And it comes with fun applications as well!

I draw most of this layout using Adobe Illustrator. I used to use adobe Photoshop but if you actually want to draw something Photoshop is useless compared to Illustrator.
I'll definately post some tutorials in the next couple of days to help out other bloggers!



  1. COngrats on 500 followers xxx

  2. I love the new layout and the picture :D Tablets are awesome.

  3. Congrats on the 500 follower milestone, that's huge! :) And, I love the layout :) It's super fun, great job! xoxo ♥

  4. Congrats, Daphne! The layout is really super fun!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment!
    Congrats on reaching 500!!
    I really like this layout :)

  6. Glad you checked out my new AthlEats blog! Cause then I found your blog in return! Congrats on the 500 followers, whatta great accomplishment! Layout is great, will be checking back soon! Have a great day!

  7. Very good, always it is good to get up-to-date to work better, kisses ana

  8. Thank you! :)
    Talking abour cute, how adorable is your blog?!

  9. thanks for visiting page and the sweet comment you left me.
    i love your blog.
    500 followers! wow that's amazing.
    your blog is so adorable.

  10. Hey, girls!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and for leading me to yours, which is delightful! I value sense of style and attitude, and you sure have both!
    Following you now, and if you like my blog, I'll be thrilled to have you among my followers, too!
    María José

  11. Congrats for the 500 followers!!
    The new layout is great, I like it :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, we can follow each other, I´m now following you :)

  12. Είναι πολύ όμορφες οι αλλαγές που έκανες :)

  13. hi sweet! thanks for the visit and the lovely comment ;)
    nice blog!

  14. I love the new look of your blog, great job on the makeover!

  15. What a cute blog ! Thanks for ur comment :) I'm following u now ;)

  16. love your blog! very cute! thanks for stopping by mine and commenting! :) Happy Friday! ~hl

  17. ps i am happy to be following you now!

  18. hey Gracie and Daphne thanks for your comment, really appreciate it :)
    and congrats on 500 members that's an amazing accomplishment, and it's always good to see your work being appreciated :)
    now on to your post, i've heard so much about this digitizer, i'm going to have to google it and find out more...i love drawing, so i should definitely find out what it's about :)
    i like your new header it's so cute, did one of you draw it?
    anyway chickitas i hope you're having a great day
    XO stephi

  19. i have just discovered your blog and lucky to comment here. I think your blog is adorable. You look fashionable, dear. Mind to follow each other? I make sure follow you back, dear!

    have a nice weekend!

  20. Thanks for your visit, I follow. Follow me back if you like

  21. love it! congrats lovies


  22. Thank you for your nice comment and congrats :)

  23. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. The whole digitizer thing sounds really amazing. I love your new blog design, it looks professional :)

    By the way, I followed you, could you please follow me back?

  24. Thank you for your comment. Congrats and I hope you visit my blog again!

  25. Girls! I adore your blog!!
    Thank you for visiting me at =). I am now following your blog of pink amazingness! It would make me so happy if you girls decided to follow me back, too <3. I look forward to reading all of your posts! And congratulations on 500+ followers!!

    <3 <3

  26. Thank you for visiting :) Great blog! I will follow :) Best regards!

  27. YES! I need help! Please show us how with tutorials!
    Have a pretty day!

  28. Haha, your blog looks so cute and amazing! Congratulations and have a wonderful weekend you too! **

  29. Congrats on your followers! Very exciting :)


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