Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random journal: Blogspot plays tricks on me

Hi everyone, hope you had a great day
cause i didn't
well i did until now. ARGH not even CAPS LOCK can show how mad i am!! really!
I just made this wonderful post about how i spent my uninteresting day studying. And when i published it BAM nothing. Empty.

Anyway, i would call it a day but i already spent some time making this photo. It is me, studying in my uni. taking pictures before i hit the books.
Yeah, and i have exams on a lesson that includes statistics and crap like that. Not the easy delightful statistics. But the stupid ones, with the graphs and the weird equations and more stuff i don't know their name in english.

So yeah this a random journal.
i hope you guys like it, because i find journals an excellent way to keep posts coming and update the blog while you don't have the time to make more decent ones like the dyis i'm dying to post..
oh well

More news?

I'm thinking of dying my hair and maybe cutting it. If you have ANY suggestions i will gladly take them in consideration. I'm thinking of posting a timeline soon so you will get a better idea.

Phew, at least i'm over the whole post erased randomly thing.

I'll go work on my online bakery project for school now~

Have a wonderful day!


ps. I tried to post this yesterdat multiple times but for some reason while on "compose" mode everything seemed perfect when i switched to "Edit HTML" mode everything disappeared. Today i switched to firefox and i think it was a success. But i'll contact blogger and figure this out...
it will propably be one of those :"clear you cache" etc things


  1. Great pics!


  2. I have been debating the same with my hair! I went from brown to white, to red, and now to black... the problem? I get so bored! I am thinking of going for different bold under fringe... but first I have to get my fringe cut back in! Cannot wait to see the timeline and offer some suggestions!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions: The Blog You Don't Have to Read

    1. wow that's a lot of colors!. I went from brown to orange to various red colors and black. I won't dare going blonde/white because i think it will looki awful on me. haha our hair look kinda similar now. (if i had styled mine you would see it XD)

      I thought of some color under the fringe but i decided for a full color haha. Something red obviously.
      Let me know when you do it! I wanna see hehe

  3. Your hair looks really good already! Maybe you should try ombre ;) I'm looking forward to see what you're going to do with your hair!

    1. Actually i was thinking of ombre but i don't know cause my hair are short for it.. But it won't hurt to try i guess..

  4. deep dark maroonish purple!
    <3 theseunitedstatesofamericans


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