Friday, January 6, 2012


Hi everyone!Long time no see right?
well what can i say, it's been an extremely busy vacation for both of us and maybe we will post our Christmas adventures.. or maybe not(?)  I can't really promise you anything..

But today i spent a great part of my day creating buttons for this blog and attempting to design a new blog header. Not that we have to but i really hate the navigation bar.  The blog itself is fine i guess but it can always improve. But the most important thing is: I love playing around in photoshoP! Yes i admit >_<

I can spent my whole day finding brushes manipulating images and searching tutorials on photoshop.
Sad thing is I usually don't know what i'm doing since I don't use it professionaly so I can't post any tutorial. My work is usally sloppy anywayz.

So you can definately check out our buttons. On the left you can see this beautiful image of a button (duh!) leading you to our buttons.

Moreover, we have 2-3 tutorials ready with pictures we want to post but tutorials need a LOT of time to be ready but i hope they'll be up soon.

Oh but i'll post some old failed ideas i made just because. (Searches in photobucket)

ps. I just had to post this, Gracie made it, it is outdated now but i love it!

fan art (sic)




  1. wow!that's what we call a creativity spirit!keep up ;)

  2. hahahahh cool buttons XD keep on like that !!!
    already following!! ri3te mia matia na thelete!!

  3. love the new buttons girls! I can't believe you like making them. I hate it! I haven't gotten the hang of it! grrrr!

    1. Really? i prefer changing the layout of the blog than actually posting. Haha, I'm planning on a full blog makeover.

      Btw i like your button.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog. Love your header, xo


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