Sunday, December 18, 2011

Handmade Snowman Necklace

Hello everyone!
Today's post is dedicated to christmas!

What I love about this holiday is the presents,every year I'm waiting with excitement the gifts,but I'm also anxious about what I'm going to buy for my beloved ones :)
If you can't find the proper gift why don't you create one?
That's what I thought and now I'm gonna show you how to make a snowman necklace with polymer clay!

ok let's start

First of all you have to buy the polymer clay
I used for this creation the brand Fimo Soft
As you can see the colours are white, red, black and brown

First take a piece of white clay (the size you what your snowman to be)and create a ball 

Then roll the ball in the surface of a table with your fingers to create this shape

Cut it in three uneven pieces to create the three parts of snowman's body

mold the pieces in three balls

these balls now can create the body of the snowman

now you have an empty canvas and you can create whatever features you like
you can make smaller or bigger eyes, with or without mouth or whatever you imagine on this snowman

tip: before you bake it make a hole with a pin in the back of your snowman so you can hang him at the end

The final result is this 

oh and i forgot to tell you that my snowman doesn't just wave but it can also glow in the dark because i used fimo effect nightglow
So what do you think about this idea?
If you like it please inform me so I can make another post with polymer clay creations with more details.
Also I accept suggestion of what would you like me to create with polymer clay :)

I don't know if it's too early but I wish merry christmas  to everyone!



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