Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Handmade Christmas Tree

Today is already Wednesday which means that 4 days left for Christmas.
I'm really excited cause in this post I'm gonna show you the basic steps for making a christmas tree made of polymer clay!

This is the final result

And this is me wearing the final result

First I should show you the brand of polymer clay that I use
which is fimo soft

To start I take a medim piece from the green clay and I rub it with my hand to make it softer, then I roll it on the table to make it look like this
I cut it in four uneven pieces and I place the three of them the one over the other
I take the last(and smaller) of the four pieces and I shape it with my hand in triangular form,then I place it on the top of what I have created so far
I press it down so the pieces unite
so now that we have the basic shape we can put the ornaments of the tree and of course we can add a some brown clay on the botton of it so it will be a more realistic tree
I shaped little balls with my hand and i placed them on enext to the other to cover the three lines.
Once I'm done with covering the lines I take some red clay and also created little balls
I started placing then firstly on the corners of the tree
after you are done with the red clay it's tome to take a bobby pin and press the tree on the bobby pin so it can take the shape of it
Then you bake it for 30minutes and the final reasult is this



  1. So cute!! I thought it was a cookie at first but it looks even better in your hair! :)

  2. sooooooooo cute!!!!! loving it :D

  3. looks so cute! I love how shiny the clay is after you bake it!

  4. how cute!
    adore it


  5. It's absolutely adorable! And double nice b/s you've made it yourself! I always admire people who can make something pretty as this hair pin with their own hands!



  6. your bangs are so adorable! <3


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