Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sewing Lesson 1

How to Cut A Pattern

In our previous post we told you that we've started sewing lessons
The first lesson we learned was about cutting a pattern the right way :)
In class we use Burda patterns but i guess most patterns are similar~

But be careful! You never actually CUT the pattern! you just trace it on a paper

Step One:
You should take your measurements in order to find your size for the pattern
It's a good idea to write them down so you can look them up every time you need to cut a pattern

I made a quick drawing of the basic measurements you will need:

Step Two:
Find your size
Compare your measurements to the measurements chart that usually available with your pattern
If you found the pattern online or you don't have the measurements chart for whatever reason you can use the burda measurements chart and have a general idea of what your size is. Maybe your measurements will differ from the chart measurements and you are not sure of what size you are. IF this is the case, select a size that's relevant with what you are making

for example if you are making pants you don't care in which category the bust measurement is

Step Three:
You will notice that the patterns have multiple lines like these:
Each of these lines represents your size and you should trace only the line with that special marking!

If  you are using Burda patterns you will notice that they have numbers on each pattern so you can find them in the big mess of patterns (if you already own a Burda magazine you will understand what i'm saying)
They also show you how the pieces look like and how you should place them on fabric and on lining :)
(as shown below)

Step Four:
Get your tracing paper and place it on top of your pattern and pin it down :)
now with a marker mark every line you see using a ruler if needed
You must mark everything including arrows, darts, little lines etc exactly as they are drawn and of course according to your size

Be careful! you must only follow the line of your size

Step Five:
Cut around your pattern and write down what each piece is and what size it is so you don't get confused.

That's it you have your pattern ready to use
and we'll show you how to transfer the pattern to your fabric in our next tutorial 
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